Friday, December 11, 2009

Mystery Shoe Solved...Well, Sorta

[Pictured: "Mystery" L.L. Bean boots courtesy of New Grass.]

If you read New Grass, you may very well be aware of a conundrum that has arrisen this past week.  Apparently while browsing through a recent L.L. Bean catalog a fine boot specimen (see above) was found with absoultely no information about the model or price.  One could only assume it was of the L.L. Bean variety considering it was highly unlikely they would put anything but their own products in their catalog.  I commented how it looked like something from Russel Moccassin Co. and it was eventually determined that the boot was Bean's Ranger moc (currently not available for purchase).

Well, this morning I was browsing some online shops and came across the Bass M Ranger boot, which happens to look exactly like the mystery boot in question.  The Bass version is available at Opening Ceremony (3 colorways) and is part of the the Chloë Sevigny callaboration line (on a side not: how the hell did she make that happen).  So New Grass, if you are reading this, I think we can officially say, "Case closed. Sorta."



  1. I like this boot. Look kinda like a cross between a desert boot and the Polo Ranger.

  2. I have a pair of Cole Hahns that are just like these Bass boots. Had them since college in 1989. J Crew sold something very similar way back when too.

  3. Chloë Sevigny?Who knew? These are pretty dope actually. I've been flirting with red wings version. Thanks

  4. I saw these when I was perusing online as well but for some reason I didn't make the connection. Nice looking shoe, but the toe just seems a bit too stubby for me.