Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Affordable Tank Watch

[Pictured: Timex tank watch complete with, yes, Indiglo.]

Cartier introduced the "Tank" wristwatch in 1917 during the first World War.  It is easily their most storied model and was designed by Louis Cartier who was inspired by the new American war machines aiding the fight in Europe.  His goal was to create both a beautiful yet rugged timepiece and the design is now considered an undisputed classic.

Either you can afford a Cartier tank watch or you're like me and it's, give or take, a thousand dollars out of your price range.  While the original classic is a bit out of reach there are a bunch of great options available as the style has become a mainstay with many brands.  The understated elegance of the tank watch doesn't mean you need to spend the big bucks so if you're in the market for a good looking watch that gets the job done any one of these should work.  You can also try eBay, but be prepared to bid with the big dogs as lots of the available watches are vintage, high quality options.  Don't forget the best way to take a cheaper watch, say a Timex, to the next level is to throw on a new strap to personalize things.  If you have come across any other affordable pieces in your internet travels feel free to throw 'em up in the comments.

Timex...$24.00 (as seen above)







  1. Good post. Those Timexes actually look pretty good. I'm not sure I've ever seen (or paid attention to) their tanks before.

  2. I love that first timex, and the way you downplayed its dressiness with a casual strap looks great.

  3. cool! i'm sold! and the strap does look great.

  4. Please don't ever consider buying a Cartier tank that isn't automatic. And, if you every want to spend serious cash on a tank, buy a Jaeger Le Coultre. They put serious time and effort into their movements to the point that you're buying art, like a bespoke suit, rather than buying a brand, like an Armani suit.

  5. Thanks for the compliments guys. A tanker with a causual strap looks damn handsome.

    Eugene- Thanks for the heads up and I like the suiting analogy you used. I doubt I'll ever be in the market for either of those watches, but that doesn't diminiss you advice. Thanks again.

  6. Great post. I agree that a lot of times a simple Timex on a nice band can be as elegant as the $3000 watch.

  7. What JP said.

    Nice eye LAS. That gold & silver timex with the tire tread strap is amazing for $52.

  8. I bought a round, indiglo timex a few years ago at Target for such straps (wearing it now with a christmas plaid, natch) but have never seen the tank and it's straight hot.

  9. I just found this blog over a decade late - but not too late to pick up the same T2F661 as you own! A bit surprised at how big it is, but it wears well. I would consider a Cartier, but the Indiglo is a major plus for nighttime/evening wear. Thanks for posting yours!

    1. Correction: the model name/# is T2K661. Thanks again for posting!