Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Bean Boot Project: Unabashedly Prep Guest Post

F.E. Castleberry's formula is such: be unabashedly commited to your aesthetic, take incredibly photographs, foster discussion and debate and have one of the best looking sites on the internet. Oh yeah, can't forget: have an awesome name.  Pretty simple right? 

Unabashedly Prep is a fun site to visit day in and day out and you don't need to be a disciple of prep to appreciate all the interesting things Fred does with his blog.  UP is one of, if not, the best damn looking sites out there and while I normally like my layouts lean and clean, there is something about UP's perfectly "in your face" look that I really love.  On top of all that, Mr. Castleberry is quickly becoming a street shot force to be reckoned with (be sure to check out Fred's professional site as well), right up there with the Mr. Mort's and Sartorialist's of the world.  Fred's shots showcase beautiful women and equally dandy gentlemen across the United States decked out in Polo, Rugby, saddle shoes and club ties.  Whether you're in the mood for some eye candy or to debate the form vs. function of Wellington's, Unabashedly Prep should be your next stop.

For his post, Fred sent over another of his great shots that really highlights product detail.  He truly has an eye and his picture of L.L. Bean boots on a perfect fall day is more than catalog worthy.

"The duck boot is in vogue again. How can you tell? A slew of outfits from Marc Jacobs to Sears are pushing the boot this season—tweaking their own offerings of the classic, some to catastrophic proportions. For the prep-set, it matters not. We lace up our Bean Boots every year in rain, sleet and snow, regardless of whether or not GQ has given the boots their seasonal blessing. And when the chain-link tread wears smooth, L.L. Bean simply resoles them (approximately $50 including s&h)—allowing for the leather uppers to continually age with you."

"L.L. Bean has kept the look of their Bean Boot virtually the same since 1912. That’s part of the charm. It’s the bedrock of this American classic. Although the 10” and 8” boot are shown here, I prefer the 8” boot due to its similar silhouette to a regular boot. (L.L. Bean, $84)."


[Note: Head here for the project's backstory. Also, If you are reading this and I requested a submission from you or if you would just like to participate please feel free to submit (contact via email). Your participation, as always, is still much anticipated and appreciated.]  

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