Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Attn: Rachel Comey S/S 2010

I recently talked about Rachel Comey's new shoes stocked over at Steven Alan and here she is popping up again with her S/S 2010 collection.  As I previously mentioned, not all her stuff sits right with me, but these are some seriously great shoes.  From brogue boots that appear washed (must haves as far as I am concerned) to linen oxfords, Rachel is bringing her A game.  I'd rock most of these sockless and so should you.  No prices are available yet, but start saving if you like what you see.  Assuming I can lock down a retailer, I will soon own those brogue boots myself and once these are available for purchase I'll drop a follow up post.  Check out the entire collection here and some of my personal favorites below.



  1. Talk about legit shoes, those tan brogues are like a lighthouse in a storm. What material is used for the soles?

  2. Glad to see she's doing some practical looks without all the fluorescent soles and such.

    I'm partial to a Grenson brogue myself and they make some spiffy boot styles such as these:


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  4. pretty fresh, dunno a/b those brogue boots tho..