Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hold Your Breath Or Don't...

 [Pictured: Unnamed Alden boot via y_h_b_t_i.]

Mr. Ryan Plett, who just so happens to be one of the nicest/best dudes in the men's style blogosphere, just posted some pics of these amazing boots. Have you ever wondered what would happen if Indy Boots and Red Wings got it on? Well, now you know what the fruits of that sweet love making would yield 9 months later.  These boots are basically the sartorial equivalent of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's biological children.  I can't say for sure if these unnamed boots will ever see the light of day, but you can help get the ball rolling by heading over to Ryan's spot and posting in the comments about how you would sell your soul for a pair of these. 


Lusting After: Gitman Vintage Red Club Collar Oxford


[Pictured: Gitman Vintage red club collar oxford shirt for Epaulet available for $150.00.]
When Mike from Epaulet first mentioned they were stocking this shirt I was incredibly pumped.  Not only is a red oxford shirt fantastic in its own right, but a club collar puts it over the top.  The $150 price tag might seem a little steep for some and I would agree if I it wasn't for the simple fact that it's extremely tough to find another shirt even remotely like this one.  I'm all for "rare" items being priced accordingly especially one's that fit as good as a Gitman Vintage shirt.  You'd be hard pressed to find a cooler S/S shirting option since red seems to be where it's at.  Just imagine this bad boy with a blue seersucker (or any other cotton variety for that matter) tie, collar pin and some chinos. Yeah, my point exactly.


Stumbled Across: Eddie Bauer Case Study

Marcellus Neel's online portfolio contains a pretty neat Eddie Bauer case study that aims to "rebrand the struggling retailer into a masculine, rugged brand."  With all the chatter revolving around L.L. Bean Signature and Land's End Canvas, this is an interesting take on "updated brand aesthetic of logos, layouts, and catalogs, as well as exploring possible brand expansions and extensions."  Well done Marcellus, well done.  For more Eddie Bauer heritage musing check out Brennan's impressive take from a while back.



Lusting After: Danner Japan

Anyone out there want to be a Sart Inc proxy because Danner Japan is pretty out of control and I really want to cop some of these kicks.  When the blogosphere goes off on their "the Japanese always get the best stuff" rant I usually just brush it off, but after revisiting the Danner Japan store I can't help but feel a little bit of jealousy.  All the awesome lifestyle models and colorways you can't get in the states are of course the best looking Danner boots out there.  I'm even into the "Slusher" L.L. Bean rip-offs and the "Toledo" Wallabee wannabe's which goes against everything I thought I stood for.  If I actually needed a new pair of boots a bunch of these would top my list.  Maybe it's time to rethink my foreign policy.




Attn: Martin + Osa New Arrivals

Martin + Osa's spring collection has hit their website and the iconic maritime styles are pretty damn good.  The thing about Martin + Osa is that their selection overall isn't as good as J. Crew's, but their top standout pieces can go toe to toe with anyone.  I especially love how unapologetic Martin + Osa is about biting well received brands and this collection takes obvious queues from Mister Freedom (the deck jacket and the nautical themed polo), Engineered Garments (the floral print shirts), and Drakes (the highland vest).  I'm never going to complain about this sort of thing because when it's done right it saves the consumer money.  As long as M+O don't mess things up they have my blessings.

Also of note are the Ray Ban High Street Wayfarers for sale, which are "part of Ray-Ban's High Street collection, the newest interpretation of their legendary Wayfarer subtly softens the classic look with taller, rounded lenses."  I may have to do some research on this collection as this is the first time I've heard of such a line.  I'll get back to you.

The new arrivals are available for purchases here and check out all of my personal favorites below.



Saturday, January 30, 2010

St. George's School

It snowed here in Charlotte so naturally I looked at pictures of the St. George's School sailing team all afternoon.  St. Geroge's school is a co-ed boarding school in Newport, RI for grades 9 through 12.  After checking out these pics you are probably gong to want to apply for admission. You can do so here.  A straight up lesson in how to "kill it"...

[All photos courtesy of the Life Magazine Archives.]


Friday, January 29, 2010

Debate: G.H. Bass & Company for J. Crew vs. Sebago

These debate posts seem well-received so...let's get it on!  Beef-roll penny loafers are a warm weather staple and along with J. Crew's new addition from G.H. Bass & Co., Sebago has just released their own interpretation (Christian at Ivy Style with the assist) .  I'm particularly curious about this specific match-up because it brings to light the whole "how much would you pay for domestic manufacturing" argument.

In one corner we have the G.H. Bass made in the USA loafer available for $280 and in the other a similar Sebago interpretation for $130.  Aside from everyone weighing in on what obviously looks better (i.e. Sebago's shoe coming in a bunch of colorways), anyone care to rationalize the $150 domestic manufacturing markup? Have at it kids.

G.H. Bass & Company Classic Gordon Weejuns


Sebago Classic Beef-Roll Penny Moc


[Editor's note: Mr. Schenck of Mister Crew alerted me to a pair of RL made in the USA beef-roll penny's for $150. These seem like the best option of the bunch.]

Short Fuse

Everyone I've ever talked to has complained about how J. Crew's shirts fit.  I have no idea if they remedied this issue for their S/S 2010 shirting arrivals, but that's a totally different story.  One thing I do love about J. Crew (because Sart Inc aint about the hate) is their shorts.  Whether you want to get all WASP-ed out or keep it clean and quiet J. Crew probably has about 5 pairs that fit the bill.  The great thing about the cut of a short is that as long as the waist and length are good you are golden.  So regardless of how you feel about how J. Crew fits your upstairs, I recommend picking up some bottoms.

The new arrivals on the website look on point as usual with a bunch of gentlemanly staples and some cool newer stuff.  Everything from the sun-faded joints to the oxford cloth (!) and madras look perfect from what I've seen thus far and the price point of $59.50-$62.50 plays in my book for sure.  Oh yeah, and as per usual the styling choices of J. Crew are some of the best in the business.



Thursday, January 28, 2010

PF Flyers Archival Reissue


PF Flyers has released their Archival Reissue Collection featuring both hi and low top models from 1949 and 1953.  Old school canvas sneaks are A-Ok in my book and while these probably wouldn't be my first choice they still get the job done.  The low top red one's are my personal pick of the litter.

The brand's history is a curious one.  PF Flyers were first produced by B.F. Goodrich, then sold to Converse in 1972.  Converse was eventually forced to sell the rights to New Balance in 2001 due to antitrust issues.  New Balance sat on the brand for a whole two years before relaunching the PF Flyers we know today.  From the brand's inception in 1937 to the mid 1960's PF Flyers were one of America's favorites and the shoes translate well thanks to today's current Americana/heritage kick.  Whether or not your knowledge of PF Flyers is limited to their starring role in the 1993 film The Sandlot, check out the reissues which can all be purchased here along with various other colorways.  For more archival goodness be sure to also read Brennan's retrospective.