Monday, July 25, 2011

Ovadia & Sons S/S 2012

Asking brothers Shimon and Ariel what their inspiration is pretty much tells you all you need to know about Ovadia & Sons.  Instead of giving you some fantastical line of bullshit they'll laugh and simply tell you that their clothing is, well, just clothing.  It's what they like.  It's what they wear.  It's menswear - plain and simple.  These guys, who I am proud to call my friends, haven't been doing O&S for all that long, but you would never know by looking at their garments.  Building a brand, especially one that exists within such a traditional menswear paradigm, is not easy and both Shimon and Ariel will be the first to admit it.  When you put everything on the line like they have perfection often seems like the only option.  And from the reaction Ovadia & Sons has been getting as of late you would think they have already achieved such lofty goals.  But it's not just internet hype.  No, O&S were wheeling and dealing at the most recent (capsule) NY.  Some of the most respected stores in the country were not just browsing the booth, but doing their best to lock up exclusive deals.  Yeah, that right there is when you know things are getting real, if you couldn't already tell by looking at the collection below.

S/S 2012 is probably the strongest I've seen from Ovadia & Sons.  I've been a huge supporter since day 1, but I think this most recent collection truly represents what they're trying to do.  They want to make classic clothing for a guy who appreciates classic clothing as much as they do.  Not many brands are committed to creating such a thorough one stop shop for everything you could possibly need.  From dinner jackets to hand embroidered knit ties - O&S has your back.  One final thought, it's easy to get jaded when you look at menswear all day, every day for both work and pleasure.  Every single time I step foot into the Ovadia & Sons showroom I get excited like it's my first time discovering this wonderful thing called menswear.  And that's really all I have to say on the matter.  Enjoy.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Up To Speed

My apologies for being even more off the grid than usual - sorry if that comes off kinda like an absent father apologizing for missing another birthday.  Besides being kinda busy, I was abroad for a little R&R and I didn't really have time for the information super highway, not that I really wanted to.  Regardless, excuses are excuses.  Here has been what's going.

-The Chinese Democracy of webshops (yes, shots fired at Dr. Dre) is finally online.  Instead of heaping loads of praise on Sid in yet another Sart Inc post I feel it more apropos to say something about the selection of goods in this online shop.  Everything here, from top to bottom, is pretty much essential to a well dressed man's wardrobe.  Assuming you never needed to wear a sportcoat (which, I guess, some of you don't) everything here would create a foundation that I'm not sure any other single retail outlet can provide.  Especially, when you consider there is not anything unnecessary, in terms of apparel, also up for grabs.  At the end of the day, that's really the highest compliment I can pay any brand.

-I guess I now blog in a world where I am no longer the first dude you can complain to about wasting precious posts on Boglioli's newest gear.

-Right, right, so I was in Italy (not bragging, swearsies).  My itinerary was fuller than the belly of a tourist drinking gypsy beers on The Spanish Steps, but I did do some sartorial things.  I didn't really have time time to shop, but I did hit up Battistoni.

“Let me buy you a jacket.  When we get to Rome, there’s a great place - Battistoni.  Battistoni [speaking with an Italian accent].” - Dickie Greenleaf to Tom Ripley

“I’ve been watching The Talented Mr. Ripley a lot lately because I’ve been working on a spring concept called ‘Hello Ravello.’ As I walked down the Via Condotti, I heard Dickie Greenleaf’s voice in my head singing the praises of Battistoni. The 62 year old shop is tucked away through the cortile of a palazzo half way down said street. Its continued success, despite its discreet location speaks volumes about the cut and quality of their product. No doubt Dickie would still be a frequent customer.” - Kenny, who also provided the lovely image above

Kenny, being the good friend that he is, hit me with a few recs in regards to shopping Roma.  Despite my schedule the one shop I was NOT going to miss was Battistoni.  I mean, THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY!  DICKIE FUCKING GREENLEAF!

I walked away with a couple of beautiful silk pocket squares and could not have been more pleased with the entire experience.  The staff was extremely helpful, the goods (both private label and otherwise) we’re 100% in line with my personal stylistic leanings, and despite not knowing much English a dude still went out of his way to compliment me on my dad jeans.

-And, finally, after spending time in the country most influencing menswear bloggers right now I had to comment on Hogan footwear.

While in Italy the most popular men's footwear option that I saw was Hogan footwear, aside from suede driving mocs worn without socks of course.  Even though many of us are hopping on, or helping navigate, the unconstructed, cutaway collar, 2” cuff bandwagon, I still sincerely doubt we are ever going to bring these stateside.  Though, I would be lying if I said I didn’t see a dude absolutely killing it in some Interactive’s paired with a kit normally reserved for double monks.  Sketchers for the sprezz set?  I’ll let you figure that our for yourself.