Sunday, December 6, 2009

Throwin' Bows

[Pictured: Recently snagged Epaulet black watch bow tie x Black Fleece club collar oxford.]

Bow ties have made quite the impression recently.  While some may view the neckwear as "quirky", "irrelevant" or inherently southern, I really don't see this as any reason to be up in arms.  In my eyes the bow tie is nothing more than a simple way to liven things up.  Any dandy will agree that the bow tie makes an instant statement and all guys should have at least a few in their arsenal to break out during formal occasions or otherwise.  The bow tie is not just reserved for proms and weddings, but instead it's a great alternative that when worn correctly can really pull an outfit together.  In these colder months, a heavier fabric bow tie combined with an oxford and jeans makes a great look even for a simple night out.

As with anything else, you want to keep your bow tie slim and simple.  I would stay away from any gaudy prints or massive widths so that the bow tie doesn't overpower the rest of what you have going on.  The bow tie on its own is going to be an attention drawer, which is a good thing, so there is no need to go overboard.  Don't buy a pre-tied version as they are much easier to tie than others will probably suggest, not to mention when you do it yourself you can "mess" it up for a little disheveled elegance.  There are a ton of great bow ties available (a little more on that tomorrow) and here are some of my current favorites...

Pierrepont Hicks Fergus...$59.00

Fine and Dandy Shop Burgundy Striped Houndstooth...$39.00

Epaulet Houndstooth...$45.00



  1. Good post, but I'm a southerner, so I'm pro-bowtie by default. They're still weird enough down here to get compliments. Usually from young women and very old women.

  2. You already know how I feel when it comes to this subject.

  3. If we're talking bow-ties, the creme-de-la-creme in my humble opinion will always be anything Alexander Olch touches. His ability to transform untraditional fabrics into his ties is unrivaled. While expensive, how many other tie makers you know of that are turning Fine Italian Corduroy into a thing of neckwear beauty? Not too many bow-ties on the website, but in stores...

  4. Don- Hahaha. Olch is going up tomorrow ("a little more on that tomorrow") since Gilt has 'em on sale this Wed.

  5. Looks good. Rock them with confidence, because it's what you need to tie it. If someone hates it's because they don't have it.

  6. DAM- Truer words have never been spoken. Typed? Commented? Doesn't matter...confidence is key and if people want to hate on it, let 'em.

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