Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stumbled Across: Mentor Sailing Shoes

[Pictured: Mentor Sailing Shoe available at my-warbrobe for $239.25.]

Mentor is a Danish footwear brand who make edgier versions of classic shoes, but what really caught my eye was something I wouldn't call edgy as much as I would a reinterpretation or update.  Available in both a leather chukka and three tone boot, Mentor's sailing shoes work well thanks to their abbreviated silhouette, slimmed down sole and moc toe.  I'm not sure how these would hold up on the actually deck of a ship, but as far as looks are concerned they are pretty neat.  They evoke all the classic styling of the boots we see everyday around these parts, but with just enough uniqueness to set them apart.  All models are currently available at my-wardrobe.


[Editors Note: Totally overlooked the fact that Don posted on these back in October and I even commented.  "The power of the blogosphere" indeed.]

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  1. Nice looking shoes. Not sure how I feel about the lace loops though.