Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lusting After: Rachel Comey Oxfords @ Steven Alan

[Pictured: Rachel Comey Uncle Dan Oxford available at Steven Alan for $322.00.]

Back to Your regularly scheduled posts on stuff I can't afford...

I'm not the biggest fan of Rachel Comey's shoes.  In fact, I find a lot of her offerings downright un-wearable.  Her use of color has always seemed a bit forced in my eyes and there aren't many things I dislike more than forced "style".  During my lunch break I was checking out the Steven Alan online shop to form a strategy of sorts for the upcoming Thursday Gilt sale and realized there was a ton of new footwear available.  While I normally find myself drawn to the items more along the lines of the new Quoddy deck chukkas or Alden's, it was Rachel Comey's unique oxfords that caught my eye.  These shoes still have that distinct Rachel Comey look, but it's as if her use of color this time around isn't "swimming against the current".  These shoes "flow" much more nicely and just flat out work.  Yes, I know I prefer my stuff classic and understated, but I'll be damned if these aren't some good lookin' kicks.  Every guy, and really everyone for that matter, should have at least one pair of unconventional shoes in their wardrobe.  If these end up going on sale maybe they'll end up being just that for me.



  1. Loving the blue soles on the black shoes. They would look dope with a gray suit and contrasting socks.

  2. That orange/brown pair is the Jams.

  3. Enthusiast & G- These kicks are like red brick soles on steriods. Crazy stuff that I normally don't get at, but these are sweet.