Thursday, December 17, 2009

Steven Alan Sale Items

Hopefully you picked up some stuff at the Steven Alan Gilt sale.  I personally snagged two of his perfect reverse seams shirts thanks in part to the credit you guys have sent my way (if that's not a good cause I don't know what is).  Obsessing over my favorite brands is nothing new for me and some of the same names continue to pop up over here at Sart Inc.  Just because I am no longer flush with Gilt-backs doesn't mean I am not going to hit the Steven Alan online shop to see what other wears are available.  The older sale items are just as good as the newer pricey-er ones and when you're making timeless gear who cares when something was designed.  It's also pretty impressive when a certain brand's sale items are leaps and bounds ahead of a competitor's full price ones (you know who you are).  Just sayin'.

I know this is the time of year when you spend money on others, but since I'm more or less all good on the gift buying front a little browsing for myself can't do too much damage. Right?  Lots of my favorite items are finally making their way to the sale racks and I thought I'd at least post them if I'm not going to necessarily buy them.  All sale items are final, but I've never heard of someone not being completely satisfied with Steven Alan so maybe that's a moot point in itself.  Also, that red vintage hunting jacket may be the definition of perfection, in case you were wondering...



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