Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Attn: The Pegasus Has Landed

[Pictured: Alden for Epaulet Black and Tan available for $450.00.]

I don't normally mess with black boots due to the automatic military association they evoke.  Not that I have anything against the military whatsoever, it's just a little too intense for my footwear sensibilities.  Epaulet's new Black and Tan Indy boot might just change this mentality.  Made from Pegasus leather (from Chicago's Horween tannery), a thick matte finish cowhide (not actual flying horses), this boot is the latest of Epaulet's exclusives (only 18 pairs were made of the Black and Tan).  What I like about this particular boot is the contrasting color of the sole.  If you are going to go with black boots a tan sole like this is a great way to offset the intense nature mentioned above.  When I visited Epaulet a little while back, I remember Mike bugging out over how good the boot was going to look and the ridiculously awesome name of the leather used.  Turns out he was right as per usual.  The Pegasus has official landed.


p.s. Looks like Epaulet is stepping their photo game up as well.  The product shots in Mantauk take the boot to a whole new level and the leather looks extra fantastic with a sandy backdrop.

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  1. Shoes, like people, always look better during a sunset at the beach.