Thursday, December 31, 2009

From The Inbox: Pete's Bean Boots

While The Bean Boot Project has pretty much died down at this point (unless of course anyone wants to send in a submission), there is no reason to stop highlighting the timeless style of my favorite boots.  Reader and photographer Pete was nice enough to send in some pics of his new Bean boots which his fiance got him for Christmas.

"[On Christmas] I found a pair of Darn Tough Vermont socks and an L.L. Bean box with a pair of 10" Bean Boots with thinsulate. I felt like I was twelve again ripping the box apart, smelling that new leather and immediately strapping them to my feet. I wore them practically 8 hours straight trying to break them in, in one day of course, knowing it would take weeks to get them perfect. It has been just about a week; I have worn them in -5 degree cold bringing in wood for the stove, shoveling the drive way in a small storm and I am anticipating the storm over new years to take advantage of the 10" height."




  1. I'm upset that bean is out of stock till like mid march! I hate having my mind set on something and not being able to get it :-( call me a brat

  2. I'd like to think she was his girl friend prior to the boots; and they sealed the deal.

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