Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. S/S 2010 Preview

Anette from always comes through in sending over clutch stuff and this time is no exception.  She recently forwarded me the Woolrich John Rich & Bros. S/S 2010 lookbook and while I have continually wagged my finger at Woolrich for having an unnecessary number of diffusion lines, these offerings look pretty damn good.  I personally think outerwear (lightweight, breathable fabric of course) and cuffed shorts are going to be huge and the lookbook seems to confirm a lot of that.  Woolrich John Rich & Bros. aint cheap so I can only imagine what some of these items are going to go for, but if you really like what you see this stuff should be available come Jan/Feb 2010.  There are quite a few images here so for the first time ever at Sart Inc (like you care or it matters) hit the jump.



  1. yo ive been sleeping on this, some of this shiz is fire.

  2. Way to be up on this Sart Inc. I really love these looks especially the jackets and trench. You'll have to keep us posted as to what stockists will carrying it.

  3. Junctioned- I'm sure Anette will shoot me an email when it all goes on sale. I agree that the outerwear is a highlight. Woolrich and its diffusion lines always have the best pockets.

  4. I sure am... Thanks for the post...

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