Monday, December 14, 2009

Canadian Sweater Company Brings The Holiday Cheer

[Picture courtesy of Oi Polloi.]

The Canadian Sweater Company has been handknitting some of the finest sweaters on the planet since 1977 (how great is the above graphic) in Bristish Colombia.  One look at these sweaters and you will be forever jaded, at least in the sweater sense.  I have personally never seen such well knit items and these sweaters (cardigans, shawl collar, cowichan, seasonal) redefine the oft used descriptor, "chunky".  With every sweater handknit by expert craftsman and containing 100% natural fibers you'll be hardpressed to find a sweater with a longer lifespan.  Granted all these wonderful characteristics lend themselves to big boy price points, but it never hurts to own a sweater that will bring just as much holiday cheer to your grandkids.  Canadian Sweater Company is currently available for purchase at Oi Polloi.  Check out some pics courtesy of C.S.C's catalog...

p.s. If you want to end up looking as cool as this guy you've come to the right place. Gun rack not included with purchase.



  1. wolf and varsity numbers are keepers! chuuch...

  2. The gun rack picture is perfect

  3. Great gift-giving inspiration. In fact, I'm pretty sure you should incorporate the name "Stuff to get my boyfriend for Christmas Blog". You know, if only for the holidays.

  4. The shawl collar is probably the most elegant natural looking collar around, it works perfect for a sweater's unstructured appearance.

    I love the last picture, nothing like a gun rack built into a bookshelf. He must be an NRA member.

  5. These sweaters are hilarious. Love the one with the wolves.