Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lusting After: Yuketen Maine Guide Boot

I had finally done it.  I was over the Yuketen Maine Guide Boot.  My thoughts had been suppressed and I was finally cured.  Then I saw this post right before I left my apartment for work, and it all came flooding back.  I'm in no position to spend 500 or so greenbacks on anything, let alone boots, especially with holiday shopping for OTHERS right around the corner. 

Vibram sole, goodyear welt construction and a moc toe come together to stop all you Red Wing-ers dead in your tracks.  While these may not be for everyone, and that's totally understandable, I just couldn't leave them out of a "lusting after" post.  The eternal "want vs. need" debate rages on and on and on...Maybe one of you guys will get a pair (has a pair) and send some pictures my way.  Maybe I should just take the plunge and give in.  Maybe I should stop typing this post before this gets any more out of hand.  If it's any interest to you, they are almost sold out at Opening Ceremony and making you, at least consider, selling your first born on eBay courtesy of The Bureau.



  1. Oh Em Gee! Why must the best be so costly...haha good find homie! Can you say "re-post"? haha

  2. Sebago and LL Bean both do a much cheaper version that's more boat-shoe-like, but still cool.

  3. Manifold- I know exactly the models you are referring to, and while they are great they just aren't the maine guide boot. The details on this are unparalleled.

  4. Are there any online retailers in the US that sell these? Everytime I find a pair they're in pounds or euros; exchange rates are killing me right now.