Monday, December 28, 2009

Gilt Man Helps You Spend Your Holiday Monies

[Pictured: Gilt Man's Woolrich buyer's picks.]

Assuming you have generous friends and family you may have some holiday monies already burning a hole in your pocket, myself included.  No worries as Gilt Man has some nice sales to help with such a problem not to mention their best in the business shipping could insure some new wears come NYE 2009.

Monday sees sales from Grenson, Jean Shop and Calvin Klein Collection.  If you are in the process of "man-ing up" your wardrobe all of these brands makes some good stuff to help you get grown.  Gilt Man has yet to step their shoe game up so hopefully Grenson comes through with some brogue boots (fingers crossed) and various loafers to help top off whatever you're currently working with.  On Tuesday Woolrich comes through for the second time in a month or so, which is good news for all the white collar/blue collar cats out there.  Though it is not explicitly mentioned, this stuff is Woolrich Woolen Mills so don't fret on issues of fit.  I cleaned up last time WWM was on Gilt and I can't speak highly enough of the brand and their gear.  Take one look at any pics from my mini holiday vacation at home and you'll see I wore my WWM old school cargo pants nonstop.  RRL accessories round out the goodness on Wednesday and since this is the only time any of this kind of exclusive stuff falls into my lap/price range it is surely something I recommend checking out.  Head over to Gilt to sign up and check out the remainder of this weeks sales (also including Property of...) or just holler at my invitation (requisite blogger transparency yields disclosure on my end that I get credit after your first purchase...hopefully that's cool especially after all the big words I just used).



  1. this label line up is delicious

  2. Good thing I'm on Vay-Cay this week. I'll be waiting eagerly at the old laptop.

  3. I wouldn't expect to much from the RRL accessories sale. The last time RRL accessories was sold on Gilt it was..well..less than an interesting collection (and that is putting it nicely). With any luck though they choose more wisely this time around.

  4. Judge Dread (if you don't mind the nickname...awesomely ridiculous movie)- I actually picked up a canvas wallet last time RRL was on Gilt and was quite pleased. The selection may not have been prime, but if there are only a few items as great as my new wallet I'll be satisfied.

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