Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rabbit's Feet

Mr. Hare, the Northampton (U.K.) based footwear brand, is making shoes for our time.  I'll let them explain it to you...

"In these times of imminent CHANGE, Mr. Hare will address the Quality, Style and Emotion equation to create men’s shoes with dignity, purpose and elegance. Beautiful shoes born of a black shoe perspective, made from the finest materials, utilizing the skill of craftsmen and the most appropriate constructions, evoking the talk of the evening.

Mr. Hare’s man is sartorially, a swan amongst geese, worldly in the modern way and as rural as urban. Equipped with charm and good humour in spite of the times. Mr. Hare’s man is comfortable in himself and displays attitude not on his sleeve, but in the engagement of the audience he has since departed.”

Oki-ni is currently stocking a bunch of these quality and stylish kicks. Some of the stuff is a little out there (i.e. red suede shoes), but ultimately you'd be hard pressed to find a more "stylish" British shoe. I appreciate Mr. Hare acknowledging their heritage while not getting caught up in the usual Crockett & Jones uppity-ness of top-notch U.K. shoe companies, though their prices are nothing to laugh about either. If you just got access to your trust fund or your friends and family get real generous during the holidays these may very well work for you.




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