Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Bean Boot Project: Mister Mort Guest Post

If I told you Mister Mort was the man, would you disagree with me?  He is the photographer and curator of what is, in my opinion, the best "street shots" website out there, apologies to a certain fellow and GQ contributor who comes in at a distant second.  Not limiting his subjects to "the beautiful people", Mister Mort is constantly combing the streets of NYC (and elsewhere) for some of the best and most uniquely dressed cats out there.  The guy has a serious eye for details and his shots represent an unmatched, distinct sartorial point of view.  Outside of his photography, Mordechai seems to be getting into the design game, as the recent Pop-Up Flea saw the debut of a bunch of his products.  From the pics I've seen (and I'm sure you have too) good things are surely on the horizon.  Go-to-hell pants are child's play compared to Mister Mort's ridiculously awesome "F You" tie.  Also, if you needed any more reasons to join twitter, Mister Mort has one of the hands down funniest accounts.  Dude is a straight riot.  Anyhow, I think we could all learn a thing or two from Mordechai.  Often the most stylish look of all is just being yourself and not being afraid to say "F you" to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

For his guest post, Mister Mort does what he does best: quirky, unique photos.  I hope you guys enjoy.

"A loafer, a shoe, a boot all in one. Really for all weather, but best when walking around the wet fields of flea markets! "

"Also, I have a shot of a pair of boots I didn't shoot, found it somewhere on the net [editors note: originally seen on 13th and Wolf], but it's my dream pair should i be so lucky!!"


[Note: Head here for the project's backstory. Also, If you are reading this and I requested a submission from you or if you would just like to participate please feel free to submit (contact via email). Your participation, as always, is still much anticipated and appreciated.]


  1. ok, I love my Maine Hunting Boots as much as the next person, but I've recently branched out in a big way after finding the perfect pair of Lucchese's (they take my breath away (see blog)) -- and purchasing a pair of Sorrel's Joan of Arctics for sledding (my Bean boots are a bit to slippery when climbing back up the hill...).

  2. Could these be the much-anticipated collaboration boots for LL Bean Signature? I'm REALLY looking forward to those...

  3. Manifold- I believe the upcoming LL Bean signature boots will be of the waxed canvas variety and you can see them in a past post I did. Put "LL Bean Signature" in the search engine on the side bar to check it out.

    As for this pic from Mr. Mort, I've come across it online before on 13th and Wolf. Enzo mentions how they were a friends score off of eBay. See the original post here: