Tuesday, December 8, 2009

COE's Favorites Series: Sartorially Inclined x Sperry Authentic Originals

When Paul asked me to participate I was honored.  When the project made Kempt the other day I was humbled.  When I read the kind words Paul wrote, well...I'm still speechless.  Components of Enthusiasm's The Favorites Series kicks off with yours truly.  Head on over to hear me wax poetic on my authentic originals.  It's honest, yet with tounge firmly in cheek.  I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I did fleshing it out.  Paul is truly a great blogger and an even better friend.  Don't forget to keep checking COE daily for each new installment.



  1. appreciate the shoutout as always

  2. Great start to a potentially great series!

    "If I’m stranded on a desert island with only one pair of shoes, I’m taking my Sperry’s. And you can bet your ass I’m rocking them sockless.”
    Pure L.A.S.

  3. Skip- Thanks! I had a blast writing it up and tried to inject a little bit of humor.

  4. Very funny - if only other bloggers didn't take themselves as seriously.

  5. Damn, I just started a post about Sperrys, beat me to it!

    I must say you did them justice, how did you get your laces like that?

    I have the brown ones and the white ones. I've had both over 5 years. For me they are the grown up version of sneakers. I rarely wear my dunks or creative recs out anymore.

  6. Enthusiast- Just tryna keep it light. At the end of the day I'm just a dude who likes clothes.

    David- Its an eastland knot...did a post on it a while back complete with directions. Just search "eastland knot" in the search box on the right sidebar.

  7. Just read your guest feature over at COE - definitely representative of what you write about. It's an interesting project and you did a dope job of kicking it off.

  8. shimonFC- Thanks for the kind words, like I've mentioned already, It was a fun experience. Not to mention, getting the change to callaborate with Paul, which is in itself always a good time.

  9. Tucker- What are you supposed to do when it's cold?

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