Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stumbled Across: O'Connell's Clothing

James actually stumbled across O'Connell's Clothing, but he told me to run with it and do a write up since he is busy with lots of real life, actual work.  Established in 1959, this Buffalo, NY clothier is family owned and operated.  "Uncompromising quality, unquestionable value, and exceptional service" appears to be the name of the game and the Huber family is proud to offer goods made in the USA, Canada and the UK.  The online shop is pretty impressive and is stocked with a ton of lust-worthy goods (Alden, Quoddy, Bill's Khakis, Baracuta, Barbour and O'Connell's own brand).  Talk about a great find right as holiday shopping kicks into full gear.  Head over to the website or make the trip to Buffalo to scout out all the goods.  Last I checked, Santa's elves don't make blackwatch plaid watch straps.  Thankfully O'Connell's has 'em in stock.  Peep some personal favorites below...



  1. Those Quoddy Boat/PennyLoafers will be on my feet next summer. Like all summer...Memorial to Labor. End of story.

  2. that place looks abs' sick... for "not the flashiest website" there are a TON of treasures... nice spot on the watchband.

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  4. I loafer/boat shoes are delicious. I gotta get some of those. What brand are they?

  5. junctioned- They are Quoddy...get em here...


  6. I visited my friend in Buffalo several years ago as she had just returned from a trip to Africa, but one of my secret motivations was to visit O'Connell's. She was a good sport and went along with me on my pilgrimage and believe me, if you think the website is good, you can't even imagine the store. There is sweaters and cords and khakis stacked 3 feet high on tables that are 50 feet long. The sheer volume is overwhelming. Definitely worth the trip.

  7. Penny loafer + boat shoes = crazy delicious

  8. Delaware is showing Sartorially Inclined some SERIOUS love.....Skip....you here too? Your guest Bean post was great...putting my son in my Bean moc's was my thought for my guest post...but you did it well.

  9. Thanks Joe.
    Alex pulls the boots out at least once a week to walk around in them.

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