Thursday, December 17, 2009

Totally Radical

Hansel: "Excuse me, brah."
Derek Zoolander: "You're excused, and I'm not your brah."

You may have already heard about Warriors of Radness, but if you haven't consider this your introduction to a brand who's making some of the coolest clothes from the left coast.  WOR hails from the city of angels and is brining surf inspired gear to the rest of the world.  If there ever was a brand whose clothes were made made for beach bums and bonfires this is it.  The name really says it all...this gear is radical.  The collection has a great vintage look to it, but it is decidely less forced than alot of other comparable stuff you'd find at Urban Outfitters or American Apparel.  The clean lines, color blocks and geometric shapes create a simple coolness that is still lost on many designers today.  In the midst of these cold months, WOR's warm hues and swim trunks provides a much needed break.  Even if the only surfing you do is of the interweb variety there is something here to appreciate and enjoy.  The price points aren't too difficult on the eyes and all their stuff can be purchased at Warrior of Radness' online store.



  1. i think the guy that runs FreshJive runs this brand too...dope stuff nonetheless.

  2. big up to 80s babies haha

  3. I found these guys a while back, super 80's for sure. Their gear is definitely key to throwing a successful Weekend At Bernie's party.

  4. Warriors of Radness is none other than Rick Klotz... He started Freshjive and a whole lot more... An original... Good post as always L.A.S.