Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Parting Shots

For anyone not following Sartorially Inclined on Twitter (use your discretion), here are some parting shots from my short, but wonderful time spent at home which will conclude early tomorrow afternoon.  And yes, I wore the same pair of WWM cargo's all weekend...

[Pictured: I got a new pair of low top Wallabees (right) and passed on my boots to my brother.  My hope is he follows my lead and thoroughly destroys them.]

[Pictured: Santa reps for Jewish kids too.  Epaulet x Mark McNairy RBS.]

[Pictured: Walked the dog in my brother's Red Wings.  Currently devising a plan to kidnap them and hold them ransom in Charlotte.]


[Pictured: My brother in his new L.L. Bean Blucher mocs courtesy of me.]



  1. Love me some Wallabees. What model Red Wings are those?

  2. Yeah, I was going to ask the same thing about the Red Wings.

  3. My brother has the J. Crew x Red Wing Irish Setters. They are a tad bit more expensive then their lifestyle line, but they are pretty boss.

  4. Wow, those are a lot darker than they look on the website and catalog.

  5. So i am eteranally on the hunt for some skinny fit khakis. what are the ones you're wearing in the shot of the redwings? how about the pair your brother is wearing in the last shot?

  6. cleanman- I'm wearing a pair of Woolrich Woolen Mills front pocket cargo pants. They are the best chinos I have ever owned from fit to quality. Highly recommended.

    My brother is wearing a pair of J. Crew chinos...not sure exactly what style/model. If you are looking for a good (cheaper too) pair from them try their Bowery pant. I have two pairs of those and you can have them creased for work or just let 'em get wrinkled for more casual occasions.

  7. what size of red wing 405 you are wearing? look really different from this angle..