Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Leather Man Ltd. Watchbands

With holiday gift recommendations bombarding the blogosphere Leather Man Ltd. belts have been getting some serious play.  While their belts definitely make a  great gift I am much more interested in the ribbon watchbands they are peddling.  My affinity for replacement watchbands/straps is well documented and I am always looking for great options to add to my current selection.  At 12 bucks a pop you can easily get one of these and turn any regular old watch into something really striking.  There are a ton of options at the online shop so there is no way you don't find something that fits with your personal aesthetics.  Here are the ones currently making their way into my shopping cart...some for now, some for spring, most for always.

As you can see there are options for pretty much whatever you happen to be feeling.  You have your preppy novelty in the lobsters and swordfish, your plaids for kicking it up a notch during fall, gingham for all things S/S and a few stripes you can tailor to any outfit at any given time.  Some people think ribbon watchbands are informal and while that very well maybe the case, I always prefer a dressed down watch to something leather, metal and stuffy.  Business on the fit, party on the wrist.



  1. NICE! You know the field watch is on THE LIST...this is a perfect companion.

  2. Had no idea Leather Man watchbands existed - this is seriously amazing. Love that last sentence.

  3. I'm guessing these are 18mm width?

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