Saturday, December 12, 2009

Get Prep-ed For The Holidays

Rugby has been doing new school prep for a while now, but it always intrigues me when they reinterpret ivy standards.  The idea of updating classics is not new at this point and for whatever reason I can't seem to shake it.  My aesthetics are all about the classic and understated (blah, blah, blah) and when I see the physical manifestation of such things I can't helped but get pumped so forgive me if this does not interest you. 

Anyway, Rugby has highlighted a bunch of new/old stuff for the holidays and as you would expect, it's a lot of the "traddy" standby's we all love.  One of the great things, at least in my eyes, about this brand is how hard they try to stick to their "university" branding strategy.  Even the names of the garments are jazzed up to recall a time when guys wore shirts and ties to class and took girls out on dates (kidding...not really).  I won't be wearing any of these offerings to my holiday party since the dress code is a smig too formal for a lot of this stuff, but I may be heading back this way once I am flush with a little holiday spending money.  After a quick breeze through, I have found a lot of pieces I like, but in the interest of space and time, I'll highlight a few that could easily find their way into the closet of a well dressed gentleman such as yourself.

Solid University Oxford...$59.50

Before you scoff at me for posting on another oxford let's think about this for a second.  A well-fitting oxford shirt in a variety of colors for under $80.00?  This is actually kind of an anomoly these days and is post worthy when you consider your alternatives.  The current blog movement of brand bashing due to simple items being sold for exorbitant prices might even be okay with this.

Vintage Chino University Pant...$69.50

Despite it's hilarious redundant name (wait, it's a chino and a pant? At the same time? Really? That's like saying, "I'm a person human"), this is a great alternative to the holiday "go-to-hell" pants that are popping up all over the blogosphere.  This is how I see it: a great pair of holiday tartan GTH pants are going to get worn only as many times as you have holiday parties. While you may by really popular and get invited to a ton of parties that purchase can seem irresponsible in retrospect.  Why not get a pair of pants that can give a nice middle finger all year round? I'll take a pair of these in red and green.

Letterman R Wool Sweater...$128.00

There was nice little debate on Twitter the other day on the merits of varsity jackets.  It really wasn't even a debate since everyone involved pretty much gave them the "no go".  If you're not in highschool (and you very may well actually be) try wearing something a little less Jonathan "Mox" Moxon like this letterman sweater.  I love how it has the kind of 1950's ivy charm that a lot of brands seem to skimp out on when designing their own nuevo-prep.

Head over to Rugby to check out these and more options for your seasonal revelry.  While some are affordable and others are not, they are all most definitely prep-ed for the holidays.



  1. Rugby chinos are to be lusted after... They're one of the best 'slimmer' (key word there) cuts around, and not to mention cheaper. As for the letterman sweater, I can't say I approve of a non-existent high school letter hanging around on my chest. I'll stick with my prep school's captains cardigan.

  2. Enthusiast- The sweater is a great alternative to a banded varsity jacket, but only if you are into that stuff in the first place. I can't say it's my cup of tea 100% of the time, but I will highlight products like this all day until people stop buying these branded varsity jackets.

  3. Point there... On the topic of RL, I thought I'd highlight this shirt... really killer pattern

  4. I think Rugby has gone off the deep end in the past few years from making cool clothes to now making costumes. Their stuff from 2004-2006 was awesome but now most of it is unwearable outside of the store.

  5. yea ive been on the search for some dope khakis myself, might have to check out these rugby ones...

  6. I really like how the Rugby Oxford has no branding, fits well and is priced reasonably but why the fraying? Th RRL line has great oxfords at exorbitant prices. At almost 200 dollars a pop I don't really have much of a choice but to deal with the fraying (which I wouldn't mind if it happened due to my own wear and tear) on the Rugby shirts or buy something that is branded or ill-fitting. The JCrew oxfords are not a bad alternative except that the ones that are currently out don't have that heavy oxford cloth and they also don't have the "traditional" colors, other than blue or white, currently available (i.e pink, yellow...).