Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday Morning Inspiration: ATG In NYC

Nick M., of the top notch blog A Time To Get, was recently (still is?) in New York City and snapped some pictures of his various excursions about town.  Nick's talent as a photographer has been well documented on ATG and various side projects before, but these stand out for me in particular.  I'm heading back north quite soon, for the holidays of course, and seeing these pictures got me more excited then I already am. Regardless of the frigid weather there are a million beautiful things, both little and small, about New York this time of year.  While stuff like the tree at Rockefeller Center is classic there is so much more to be discovered.  Great photography creates an emotional connection with and inspires the viewer; Nick accomplishes that and more with this set of photos.  Be sure to check out ATG as Nick alluded to possibly posting more pics from his time in NYC in the near future.



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