Monday, November 7, 2011

Boglioli S/S 2012

Of all the brands to have exploded thanks to the Internet's relatively recent obsession with Italian tailoring, Boglioli is my personal favorite.  Obviously, I am incredibly biased - it fits me better off the rack than anything, it's the exact laid back elegance I look for in tailored clothing, so on and so forth.  You may agree with me or you may not.  That's not really the point of all this.  Boglioli's S/S 2012 collection recently got some visuals and I think it serves to teach us some important lessons.  First of which is, even if you love a brand to death, don't always look to them on how to style their products.  I'm not saying you guys are slaves to lookbooks or any shit like that, just a friendly reminder, you know?  I think Boglioli's S/S 2012 styling is cool, but I'm a little hesitant on how some of this would translate in real life.  We are nowhere near Piombo territory, but something to think about.  Next, if you are still unconvinced of how unconstructed/unstructured sportcoats can change your life, look no further.  Seriously, do these jackets look like they can be any more comfortable?  I understand those of you who want something a little more jacked up for cold weather (that whole romantic idea of you clothing being personal armor), but when the weather is warmer you cannot do any better than this stuff as far as I am concerned.  Finally, I actually think we can take a queue from the styling.  I mean, keep in mind what I said before, but offset it a little with this point - S/S layering is possible.  Meaning, just because it is hot as hell doesn't mean you can't experiment with layers.  But, the right layers of course.  Many Italian brands, especially the superior ones like Boglioli, have such an understanding of things like fabrication, texture, fit and drape that they really do enable, and encourage, the sometimes foolish/ballsy idea of layering during S/S.  Think about it.  If you take away anything from the above nonsense, let it be - Boglioli makes jackets so good they'll make you wanna slap ya momma.