Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Allen Edmonds Bayfield

September 15th sees the re-release of Allen Edmonds' popular 1990's boot the Bayfield.  If the boot does look familiar it's most likely because the boot was first designed to be worn by all the male, first class passengers in a little indie movie called Titanic - sorry, never heard of it.  Notice the mini lug sole, utilized in this case to keep the balance between rugged and classy.  A sole like this is great if you're looking for a boot that can stand up to the elements, but also not look completely out of place in the office.  The cap toe style works extremely well, especially with the brown chromexcel leather, and plays a big factor in dressing up the boot as well.  Best of all, the Bayfield has 4 speed eyelets, which come in real handy.  If you've ever owned a 6" and up boot like this you know exactly what I'm talking about.


Watch Your Monies

When I ran a piece on black watch plaid last year one of the items suspiciously missing from my list was a wallet.  Well, if you truly love black watch like yours truly and you happen to also need a new wallet to carry what little money you have left over after buying all your F/W gear, you might want to look into Orvis' new Heritage Plaid wallet.  The wallet, which is made in the USA, features coated leather as oppose to a fabric panel.  While this does negate any texture mixing, it gives the wallet a more seamless feel.  And since you're hopefully going to be the only one touching it (do muggers read style blogs?) no one will be the wiser.  At $79 it's a good way to not spend all that much and still switch things up for the season - think about how often you bring out your wallet on a daily basis.  You can even emboss this badboy with your three character blogging moniker for 8 more smackaroos.  As United Style once so eloquently said, "Never spend so much money on a wallet that you don't have anything left to put in it."


Monday, August 30, 2010

Attn: New Gant Rugger F/W 2010 Imagery

As if you weren't already psyched for F/W, Gant Rugger has just released some new images and a video to accompany their highly anticipated upcoming collection.  Enjoy the inspiration.


Attn: Schott Slim Fit Peacoat Restock

Schott NYC is one of the few brands who have the coveted "essential" tag on multiple items. Leather jackets? Check. Peacoats? Check. You get the idea.  They've been doing tough as nails outerwear since 1913 that hasn't changed all that much in the 90 plus years they've been in operation.  Outerwear choices for F/W can seem pretty endless so let me help you narrow it down.  Get Schott's slim fit peacoat.  This 24 oz. melton wool beast will get the job done without sacrificing a single style point.  The jacket has gotten a little bit of a face lift in terms of fit, but otherwise it's more or less the same jacket the servicemen of this country wore when they were battling more than just the elements - 8 button double breasted closure, single vent, wool, cotton lining, metal buttons, front flap and hand warming chest pockets.  You can get it in iconic navy or switch things up with khaki or brown.  Who cares? It's all killer.  For $240 you're getting the one piece of outerwear you absolutely need and it's never going out of style. Ever. That's money well spent.  In anticipation of the upcoming season Schott has restocked most sizes so put your finger on the trigger.  Yes, it's made in Canada, but I don't want to hear any bitching - I've got friends up there.  Hey Fred, thanks for the pic.

[Editor's Note: Enter "EXIF15" at checkout for a 15% discount. Sorry Jen! I do it for the kids.]


Filson For Vans Vault

I didn't see this one coming, but I guess it should come as no surprise considering Vans Vault's penchant for hooking up with other awesome brands.  The juxtaposition of California cool and flat out ruggedness is the key ingredient in making this collaboration work and the result are three separate outstanding pieces.  Most of my sneakers get an extended vacation during F/W, but I see these kicks (especially the Sk8 Hi joints) working real well with some chinos or denim when the cold weather finally hits.  The rucksack looks pretty boss too, even though it could have easily come from Filson's main line.  Regardless, it's an unconventional pairing that gets the job done and, more importantly, gets the job done well.  Bows & Arrows has it in stock and they take phone orders, so yeah, get on that before it all sells out.


Friday, August 27, 2010

YMC Nano

We all have those sartorial unicorns.  You know, that one item we covet, but have yet to actually pin down and pull the trigger on.  The perfect yellow rain slicker is one such item for yours truly.  I've settled in the past, but have yet to truly find that one joint I picture in my head when I think about the classic yellow slicker.  YMC is a brand I don't normally rep over here, I'll be honest.  Regardless, they have put out some impressive gear as of late, like their new Nano multi-pocket jacket.  It's pretty sweet for the most part, featuring drawstrings in all the right places, white contrast zippers/buttons, and a great length.  And look at all those pockets.  Actually, the thing that keeps this jacket from being an insta-cop are those very same pockets.  With seven total there are about, I don't know, four too many.  The $209 pricetag isn't that jarring, but for that kind of money I'd want things cleaned up a bit.  But then again, maybe this is your unicorn.  And who am I to keep it off the Ark?


Howard Yount F/W 2010

If you're a regular reader of Sart Inc you know that I have a few brands I support through and through. One of those brands is Howard Yount.  Created by a StyleForum member, Howard Yount aims to offer incredibly well made goods at a fraction of the price they are normally found at.  Their attention to detail and understanding of a very niche consumer makes them one of the best brands in the business.  HY specializes in accessories and trousers, but have added some killer knits this season.  The cashmere v-necks complete with suede elbow patches look next level and, knowing Howard Yount's affinity for some of the finest fabric and construction (made in Scotland) in the world, are surely just that.  As per usual, the bread and butter of the collection is the neckwear (hand made/finished in Italy).  The silk and wool ties, in all your favorite tartans and stripes, are must haves for the upcoming season and the easiest way to upgrade on a budget.  Howard Yount is the real deal - I think that's the rare statement everyone who reads this blog can agree upon.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Morris F/W 2010

When we last left Morris the Scandinavian brand was doing their best RL impersonation and doing it pretty damn well.  They just released their F/W 2010 lookbook and it appears that things haven't changed much besides the fact that since it's F/W, it's time to break out all the UK influences - from grass games to hunting, it's all there.  Some people find Morris shameless in their homage to King Ralph, while others find it an interesting European take on an American take on European clothing. Got that?  Kinda like ripping someone off who ripped off someone else in the first place.  Anyhow, the point in pretty much moot because I have no idea where to buy any of this stuff.  Enjoy the inspiration and head over to Prepidemic for their take.