Monday, December 7, 2009

Attn: Alexander Olch Sale On Gilt

Yesterday in the comments section of "Throwin' Bows" Don mentioned Alexander Olch.  While the bow ties I posted on yesterday are all fantastic options, Alexander Olch is in a catergory all its own.  This guy has the ability, much like Don said, to take some of the most obscure, upscale fabrics and craft beautiful neckwear.  Most people don't usually put a tie on in the morning and feel better about themselves, but with Alexander Olch there is no way to not feel like a million bucks.  I can't speak too much about what the Gilt sale has in store, but from the "Buyer's Picks" we're talking heavy weight fabrics for some awesome cold weather options.  This is one of the can't miss Gilt sales of the season and if you ever needed a reason to sign up this is it.  You can use my personal invitation or, if you'd rather not send a referral my way, sign up on the website.  Regardless, check out the sale this Wednesday at noon for some of, if not the, best ties on the planet.


  1. I got to try to get at least one of those ties as there are no stockists in my neck of the woods. Thanks for this post.

  2. I saw the Buyers Picks as well. Look perfect for Holiday parties and New Years. But they would also work year round. You can see real authentic craftsmanship here.

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