Saturday, October 31, 2009


[Pictured: Maratac S-Series Zulu Band.  Picture courtesy of County Comm.]

My new Stuhrling Original Cuvette arrived last week and it's looking quite fresh dressed up with the stock leather gator embossed band.  In an attempt to liven it up I got that above Maratac strap for a cool $17 and I'll do a much more elaborate post when it's all set up sometime next week.  I hope everyone is enjoying Halloween and their weekend.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Style Icons: Good Vibrations

I am an unapologetic Beach Boys fan and have even been known to bust out a few tunes accapella every now and then when I get a couple of drinks in me.  As I was running errands earlier this afternoon and rocking out to "Barbara Ann" I began to think of breazy, 1960's California.  Since it's Friday and Halloween and all that good stuff I figured an easy/fun Beach Boys retrospective was in order.  Don't get me wrong, I know this isn't exactly fall style, but dont tell that to the guy speeding through south Charlotte, sunglass clad and blasting surf rock.

[All those "boy bands" from the 60's started out matchy-matchy.  If you're gonna do it at least do it right.  I love the short sleeve, button down collar shirt for S/S.  I'm digging the bold stripes too.]

[Again with the group outifts, though this time its all about the "cool", i.e. cool 'Vette, even cooler jackets.  Chinos, a white oxford and golf jacket in that perfect shade of blue looks just as good today as it did then.]

[An outatke from the iconic Pet Sounds cover shoot.  Just as the boys were hitting their creative stride musically, so were their outfits.  There is a ton of cool stuff going on in this picture, but none more striking than Brian Wilson's brass button peacoat.]

[If you ever wondered how to properly wear a beard look no further.  Even with beards The Beach Boys are looking cool and keeping cool.  Dennis Wilson (top right) does it better than most.]

[Desptie dozens of line-up changes and "Kocomo" you can't deny everything these guys had going on in their prime.  It's a shame they often get overlooked when the whole "Best Band Ever" debate comes up.  Let "America's Band" play you into the weekend.]


Sart Inc's Beach Boys Playlist:
"Little Deuce Coupe"
"Do You Wanna Dance?"
"I Get Around"
"Help Me, Rhonda"
"Barbara Ann"
"California Girls"
"Wouldn't It Be Nice"
"Sloop John B."
"Good Vibrations"
"Heroes And Villians"

Jack Of All Spades

[Pictured: Inspiration courtesy of Andy Spade.]

Kate Spade's husband, Andy Spade (David Spade's brother. Yes, really), best known for his line of bag's and accessories has gotten around to making clothes and it's about time.  His brand, Jack Spade, has gained momentum, since its debut in 1999, thanks to it's simplicity and functionality.  When you're first bag is sold in a hardware store, you know you've got something good. 

Much like the bags he's famous for designing, his clothes are built around clean, classic lines.  Sart Inc revels in this kind of simplicity or, should we say, sartorial efficency.  Jack Spade's S/S 2010 clothes have hit the web and you can see some of the line over at Acquire.  Below you will find some of my personal favorites available now over at their webstore.  A crispy white oxford, a weeks set of italian ice colored, gingham hankerchiefs and a cabled, shawl collar cardigan are a very direct way to my heart.

The Beekman...$145

Set of Days of the Week Handkerchiefs...$95

The Lorrilard...$345

[All pictures courtesy of Jack Spade.]


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Knot So Fast

[Pictured: Fresh new Eastland Bluchers, fresh new Eastland knots.]

Debate: Tuck-ered Out

[Pictured: Derrick Miller of Barker Black.  Apparently the ladies love the tie tuck.  Picture courtesy of The Sartorialist.

After two busy days at work I arrived to my blog reading list to find it spilling over with awesome post after awesome post.  Today is one of those days where I could read and not write a single word and be the happiest guy around...but I've been ruminating on a particular sartorial conundrum lately so I figured I'd put the metaphorical pen to paper.

The best dressed guy I know happens to be this older doctor I work with.  The guy's wardrobe is pretty stacked and he perfectly combines "old man" style with a southern swagger.  His shoes alone will make you weep for joy.  What led me to write this is his affinity for the tie tuck (not to be confused with the similarly named move where you tuck your tie into your shirt).  No matter what the outfit, the guy wears his pants fairly high-waisted (as many older men do) and without fail tucks his tie into the waistband of his pants.  It's kinda quirky, as one would expect, but it works.  Baffled by his embrace of such a shunned sartorial move, I have begun experimenting with this look a few times myself.  Since I wear a tie (and tie bar) to work everyday besides Friday, I often get a chance to tuck the end of my tie into my pants.  What I once scoffed at is quickly becoming on of my easier, go to sartorial moves. 

Do any browsing on the internet and you will see that the tie tuck has been blacklisted.  The Ask Andy Forums, of which I am not a member, tore it apart and a few GQ editorials lambast it as well.  This has been one of the first times where I'm bucking the so called classic style "rules".  Are rules not made to be broken anyhow?  To me, the tie tuck ads a certain level of sophistication or dandyness to an outfit even if the tie is merely tucked for a functional reason.  I also do not agree that this is only for men who don't understand how to properly knot their tie (I go with an immaculate four-in-hand every morning) or wear their pants as high as physically possible (I tend to wear my pants a tad high, but nothing ludicrous).

Just look at Thom Browne and Sean Connery below.  As far as I can tell they look damn good with their ties tucked into their waistbands.  It could possibly be that both of these man could wear just about anything and get away with it, but I think otherwise.  Whether this is a look you've actively participated in or not, I'd like to get some feedback.  Are we feeling dandy or are we all tuck-ered out?


[Mr. Brown looking mighty fine on the GQ red (black?) carpet.]

[Left:  Connery all tucked in. Right: 3/2 roll, tie tuck status unknown.]

Yes We Can

[Picture courtesy of Jake Davis.]

If you head over to Jake Davis' blog you can toss in your two cents about your favorite men's style (because guys aren't interested in fashion, obviously) blog.  While I don't think all of these (our) blogs should be measured against each other, these kind of things are always popular.  Out of Jake's entire post the most intriguing thing for me is the above image.  It is a perfect graphical representation of how I feel about this whole menswear blogosphere thing.  While all of our blogs are fantastic in their own right, what we have created together is bigger/better than any single one of us.  As Aristotle once (supposedly) said, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".  Head over to vote, discuss or just observe.

p.s. If you look at all the blogs I follow, it's easy to see how difficult it is for me to pick a favorite or even 3 favorites. My vote was kinda a cop out as you can see if you check for my comment.  Also, shout out to Brenn who has been a loyal reader before I even knew where this whole thing was going.  She actually put me down as her #1 choice, which is kind of amazingly flattering.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday Morning Inspiration: Go Forth

[Picture courtesy of Nate Bressler by way of Secret Forts.]

The Levi's store in San Fran is now all bars and stars thanks to the new Go Forth campaign.  Their "One Trip Pass, Stars & Stripes" exhibit has hit the internet hard, brimming with nostalgia, Americana and backwoods romance.  With a bunch of meetings and number talk bombarding me at work, I'll be sure to think of this guy.  I'm pretty sure he's never had a boss in his entire life.

p.s. The best thing about this is the timeless Whitman poetry used to frame the campaign .  For those readers who also happen to be poetically inclined..."America" and "Pioneers! O Pioneers!"

"Have you your pistols? Have you your sharp edged axes?"


Fall Looks: Bundled Up (Part 2 of 2) - Gloves

I have absolutely no need for gloves in Charlotte, but since I'm not that ego-centric I put together my favorite offerings for this F/W.  Coming from the considerbly cooler Northeast originally, I know a thing or two about a great pair of gloves (as if there is really anything to know in the first place).  I personally prefer fingerless or convertible options because they are much more functional and you look that much cooler.  I put together a bunch of different price points and styles, but as you know with gloves they typically fall into two categories: hi-tech and classic.  As with everything else that has ever made it onto Sart Inc, my picks skew towards the classic.  I've listed materials in parentheses because a man should know what he's getting himself, and his hands, into.  Buy one of these and safely remove your hands from your pants...

Asos Fair Isle Design Fingerless (100% Acrylic)...$10.47

While I don't recommend matching these up with your awesome new fair isle sweater, these gloves are a cheap way to inject a little seasonal flair (excuse my word choice) into your getup.  They may be the cheapest of the bunch, don't forget these badboys ship from the UK.

Penfield Knitted Fingerless Mitten (100% Acrylic)...$31.40

Leave it to Penfield to make the only mittens that are even remotely cool.  You know you are getting great quality from these guys, but kudos the MA brand on the details.  I'm really into these red accents.  Just like above, keep in mind shipping as these are from a UK retailer.

Urban Outfitters Herringbone Gloves (Polyurethane, Acrylic)...$28.00

The poor man's herring bone blazer you can wear on your hands!  Faux suede included!  In all seriousness, for under $30 you are unlikely to find a dandier pair of gloves.  We all know class is an illusion anyway...right?

Filson Merino Wool Fingerless Gloves (84% Merino Virgin Wool, 11% Nylon, 3% Acrylic, 2% Lycra)...$22.00

If I was actually buying gloves these Filson fingerless options would be my go to.  A fingerless design in classic gray with real deal, made in the U.S.A quality.  Perfect in their simplicity. Perfect in their functionality.

Steven Alan Wool Camp Glove (Wool, Leather, 100% Cashmere lined)...$125.00

You may have already seen these floating around the blogosphere at some point because they are Steven Alan and his products demand attention.  If you take your gloves as seriously as, say, your jackets then these are the gloves for you (I mean, that is Woolrich plaid).  Like everything Steven Alan makes, it's all about the genius reinterpretation of our staple items.  In this case, peep the thumb slit for easy and stylish iPhoning, Blackberrying and texting your bff's. 

Orvis Trigger Finer Uplander Glove (Leather)...$59.00

The swagger that comes from wearing a glove with a trigger finger (a magnet holds the finger back in place!) is undeniably priceless.  Great for busting caps and picking your nose...not necessarily in that order.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lusting After: Hickey Merino Wool Shawl Collar Sweater

[Pictured: Hickey Merino Wool Shawl Collar Sweater.  Available here for $345.00.]

Lusting After is quickly becoming one of my favorite posts as you can probably tell as I drop yet another one on you guys.  As I was traveling the information superhighway looking for gloves to talk about in Part 2 of Fall Looks: Bundle Up, I came across this superb fall offering from Hickey.  When it comes to sweaters, I struggle to find ones from brands that I know have great fits and great details.  Luckily for all of us Hickey (always?) hits both of these out of the park.  Click the link above to get a better view of the fabric, the toggles (!), the elbow patches and the fabric surrounding the collar.  While this sweater is about 3x's what I want to pay, who am I to turn it away.  At this point I'm sure we all have damn near O.D.'d on sweater coverage, but c'mon...look at this thing.


Stumbled Across: Too Much of a Good Thing?

First Jake, then me, then Aaron, and now me again...The Gap seems to be getting a lot of face time around the menswear blogosphere recently.  After heading back to their website to track down Aaron's chambray, I came across another interesting piece courtesy of Mr. Patrick Robinson.  These buffalo plaid shirts are Gap's take on the Filson classic, with a little modern twist.  I'm not sure how I feel about the contrast plaid interior as it envokes a little of the "hey, look at me...look how hard I'm trying to be stylish" manifesto of poorly dressed men.  Anyhow, check out these brand spankin' new offerings and roll up your sleeves at your own risk.

Gap Fitted Buffalo Plaid Shirt...$49.50



My new piece on down vests for Debonair Magazine has gone live.  It talks a little about layering and highlights some of the coolest and affordable vests this fall.  Enjoy.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Friends and Flattery: One Man's Style

If you aren't already hip to One Man's Style, let me educate you real quick.  While there are a ton of "photo essay" blogs all over the internet, few are as efficient and well executed as OMS.  I was lucky enough to email with Andy, who runs One Man's Style, about a project I am working on and he asked for me to do a guest post.  I was extremely flattered and immediately gathered some of my favorite images for him to throw up.  Head over to One Man's Style for a little inspiration tonight, tomorrow and the next...


Lusting After: Vintage Omega Seamaster

[Pictured: 1953 Omega Seamaster.]

Sart Inc is currently all over eBay trying to secure a vintage watch for everyday rotation.  I've never been that huge of a watch guy, but the times are most definitely a changing.  I have a vintage Tag courtesy of my Pops, but that watch is currently in need of some serious service.  The vintage L.L. Bean field watch mentioned in an earlier post is nearing pocession (fingers crossed), which is a much needed coup, but I can't shake these vintage Omega Seamaster's.  You can find them all over eBay and for the right price I can't think of a cooler watch to make your own. Be warned: you're going to have to dig deep (i.e. $200-$300+) to get one of these.  Beautiful watches speak for themselves and a vintage Omega Seamaster takes the minimalist, classy approach to a whole new stratosphere.  Hamilton eat your heart out.  While I defer this purchase until the holidays/bonus time at work, check out some serious eye candy with me...

[Update: For those looking to get in on the action, here ya go.  Happy bidding.]


Monday Morning Bargain Cool

A while back I remember reading something on one of's (r.i.p) fall trend reports that went something like this, "This year's fall collection is one of Gap's best".  They highlighted a specific Native American inspired cardigan and that was it.  I remeber being skeptical, but at the same time continually checking to see when said pieces would be released.  After not seeing much of note for a few weeks I moved on. 

If you read Jake Davis' blog, and you should, you saw that this morning he shouted out two new cardigans from the American clothing giant.  Intrigued, I headed back over to their website and checked out the new developments.  While I could not find anything as "high-end" as the aforementioned Native American cardigan I did see some pretty good value pieces worthy of the Sart Inc co-sign (I'm so humble, right).  Mostly of the sweater variety, these options are pretty wallet friendly and are fall staples any guy should own.  I can't really speak on fit because half the things I've gotten/tried on from The Gap (and I am talking about the Patrick Robinson era) fit awesome while the other half have been abysmal. 

Some of this stuff is pretty forward thinking like the fair isle hoody and some other stuff is pure American classic, which The Gap claims is their M.O. these days.  I'm particularly fond of the ribbed, shawl collar cardigan as a great outer layer if, like me, you experience a moderate F/W.  Some advice: as with anything else be wary of bold lumberjack buffalo plaid.  This does not work for everyone and I highly recommend getting the opinion of someone else before going all in.  Material is also a deal breaker, especially with mock necks.  If the material is cheap and flimsy you are going to have a limp, lifeless collar, which can ruin the sweater.  Anyway, here is some bargain cool to start off the week.  All sweaters are available here (prices range from $68-$98).

[Update: See The Gap snippet here.]


Attn: Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers Sale on Gilt

[Picture Courtesy of Brooks Brothers.]

Since I'm way to nice to horde all the good sales for myself, here is another reminder why you need to get your Gilt membership asap.  You should already know all about Thom Browne and his exclusive line for Brooks Brothers and how amazing it is so I'll spare you all that.  Do yourself a favor and sign up for Gilt here.  Sartorially Inclined is in the market for some great fall shirting (oxfords, plaids, etc.), so as long as you stay away from that we can still be friends.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and I'll be sure to see you tomorrow (today?) at 12 noon over at the virtual racks.  Cheers.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stumbled Across: Eastland Shoes

[Pictured: Eastland's Maine staff.  Picture courtesy of]

I don't know how I've missed out on Eastland, but I'm happy I've found them.  Probably best known for their eponymous knot, this Maine based, family-owned shoe company has been turning out classic styles since 1955 .  Their shoes are affordable and while the majority of their stock is no longer produced in the USA, Eastland is known for both the quality of their shoes and their world-class customer service.

It's no secret here at Sartorially Inclined that shoes are highly coveted, so any chance to get some classic, quality shoes on the cheap is taken quite seriously.  Almost all of Eastland's boots and "retro classics" are under $100 a clip and look great.  They serve as a great alternative to lots of the styles being sold by companies ranging from L.L. Bean to Red Wing at a higher price point.  Check out some of their best offerings below...


The idea of a blucher boot is kind of fascinating to me.  It's a style I rarely see and one that I often overlook.  If traditional blucher mocs are a little to S/S for you, this is a great alternative.  I can even see these going great with your shorts when the weather warms up, similar to the Desert Boots and shorts look popularized the past few years.

Falmouth...currently on sale for $49.99

I've already talked about the L.L. Bean Blucher so I won't spend to much time talking about virtually the exact same shoe plus a little Eastland branding.  I will say this however...Bean's Blucher is $65 while this shoe is on sale for $50.  Yeah, I just ordered my own pair too.


Another classic blucher style moc available from Eastland.  With boat shoe style 360 degree lacing, this shoe would look great with the aforementioned Eastland knot.

Lumber Up...$90.00

Another Red Wing alternative.  These boots are everywhere these days and there's no reason you shouldn't be able to get a pair.  If price is the number one factor in your boot decision making this fall, you're welcome.  I can almost guarantee these will last longer than any other rip-off out there.


Moc toe boots have hit the bigtime and Eastland is offering a few models.  I'm really digging these Timberland-esque boots due to their boat shoe references.  I saw a street style picture over at Complex, which pairs these boots with some slim denim and the combination looks great as far as I can tell.  At $100 these good looking boots are a bargain.

p.s. For anyone looking to update their bluchers/boat shoes with a fresh Eastland knot, here is another detailed guide on how to.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Fisherman of the World Rejoice...

[Pictured: The L.L. Bean Norwegian Sweater.  Available here for $129.00]

... and actually, pretty much everyone else too.  The much blogged about and discussed reissue of the classic L.L. Bean Norwegian sweater has gone live.  The hour of purchase is upon us and another fall sweater couldn't come any more highly recommended from yours truly.  I've got my own burgundy/gray version (which I talked about at length here) in the back of my closet just waiting for the weather to dip into the low 40's.  There are rumors of the reissue being of the slimmer variety, but since I can't dig up any official comments, I will neither confirm nor deny such alligations.  Do your wardrobe a favor and get one of these while you still can.  Beard not included with purchase.

[Pictured: Inspiration and aspiration for fall.]


Schlubbin' It

[Pictured: Menswear designer Michael Bastian.  Picture Courtesy of The Sartorialist.]

When I get a glimpse of a designer like Michael Bastian looking absolutely fresh to death (prep to death?). I can't help but think "Ah, what a the very least this guy must have an amazing wardrobe".  Interestingly enough, The New York Times Fashion Blog, The Moment, has an intriguing look at designers who recently, for whatever reason, have been dressing like your neighbor.  I was actually pretty amazed at some of the big names that find themselves in this slideshow of mediocrity, although I can't agree with the inclusion of Robert Geller.  The guy loves denim (cough Levi's callabo cough) and I'm cool with that.


Lusting After: Mark McNairy's Red Brick Soul at Epaulet

I had no idea these were available for purchase online (besides the exclusive Inventory collaboration I talked about here).  Speechless.

From Epaulet:

"Mark McNairy is the creative director of J.Press, and is world renown for breathing new life into traditional mens garments & shoes. His new footwear collection is a perfectly executed mix of classic details and old-school craftsmanship with a distinctly modern sense of style. We're proud to offer these exceptional products as an online exclusive.

Each shoe is crafted by hand in Northamptonshire, England (see a photo of the factory below).
The Goodyear welt is a method of attaching the sole of a shoe to the upper. The upper is temporarily drawn over the last and a strip of leather (the welt) is stitched to the upper and inner sole. The sole is then hand-stitched through the Welt to complete the process. This construction allows multiple sole replacements, extending the life of the footwear. Goodyear welts are characteristic of high-end handmade British and American shoes."




So yeah, those navy chukkas may be the coolest shoe I have ever seen in my entire life. No joke.  I am going to go cry myself to sleep now. Goodnight.

p.s. ACL talks Red Brick Soul here.