Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Recommendations: Cuff Knots

[Pictured: J. Press flower knot, $7.12]

Cufflinks are always an easy gift to give any guy, but is he really going to wear his favorite sports team on his french cuff shirt?  Ditch the New York Yankees cufflink cheese and opt for something classier and cheaper.  Silk cuff knots come in a variety of colors and make a fantastic "stocking stuffer" thanks to their price point.  Grab a handfull for a friend or family member in a variety of different colors.  You wont break the bank and you'll be able to shoot a little style their way. 

Cuff knots are a much more subdued way to top off a lovely french cuff shirt without the pretentiousness or stuffiness that comes with fancier styles.  If you're going out to dinner with jeans on, your silver cufflinks should be left at home.  With tons of shapes and colors out there, the options are pretty endless.  J. Press, the east coast prep institution, has tons of these available so make sure you head on over and check out the selection.  For even more options head over to Thomas Pink.



  1. the barrels are clutch... didnt know Pink did them too.

  2. James- Truth be told, I had never even seen the barrel knots until you tipped me off to their existence.

  3. I've never heard of these before but they're pretty cool.

  4. I just sent this post to the wife.

  5. Skip- That's what these posts are here for!

  6. Not a big fan of these actually. They can get messed up something awful. Over time they can lose their elasticity and heaven forbid you end up with a pair that's wrapped up too tight--pain in the ASS to fasten. However their dopeness is off the charts.

  7. got the knots in blue/green over the summer for my wedding (wedding colors), and I wore them for the after-party.

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