Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On The Subject of Brogue Boots...

The Rachel Comey S/S 2010 brogue boots in the previous post are quite spectacular, but these Trickers are made for double-takes this time of year.  One doesn't normally see longwing boots (like the first pair of Trickers) so if anyone has come across some other options if you could please post them up in the comments section.

Tricker's for Ark

Tricker's for Kurt Geiger [Picture via Selectism]

I apologize for my lack of verbosity, but there's not to much to say here besides "damn", "I wish I wasn't broke" and "thank you holiday spirit for crushing my dreams".



  1. Sorry, I posted this on the previous post.

    I'm partial to a Grenson brogue myself and they make some spiffy boot styles such as these:


    DECEMBER 22, 2009 11:47 PM

  2. Junctioned- Grenson makes a damn good boot, I've posted on them before back in the "early days" haha. The idea of a longwing boot is something shoemakers like Grenson need to jump on.

  3. They don't have longwings, but another UK manufacturer, Loake, makes a nice wingtip brogue boot as part of its "1880" range. I've got a pair and they've held up very well.