Monday, December 14, 2009

Attn: Martin + Osa Holiday Sale

Martin + Osa, American Eagle's brand targeted at an older, more sophisticated audience (major understatement of the night), has a bunch of great classics on sale thanks to the holiday season.  Nothing here is revolutionary, but if you are looking to spruce up your closet or the closet of a loved one there is a plethora of options.  Sales like this are always great to pick up items you may already own in different colors to add some diversity to your wardrobe.  Keeping with the theme of the Lands' End Canvas review, Martin + Osa is one of the best affordable alternatives to the J. Crew monster and is definitely worth a browse when you get some time.  Check out all the sale items here and check out some of my personal favorites below.



  1. Never heard of this brand but it's probably a good attempt by the parent company to cater to the more mature audience. Those prices are enticing but the quality is sure to be lacking a bit. Have you seen any of these in person?

  2. Shimon- There are no retail locations by me, but I have talked to people who like the fit. Also, GQ has commented positively on quality and fit, so take that for what it's worth.

  3. didnt realize this was AE

  4. I find their shirts a good buy, especially because they've been having frequent sales. They seem to have something every week. I've found the fit of the shirts in size small to be the same as J Crew's secret wash shirts.

    Their sweaters are OK. They're wool blended with nylon. I wish they had all wool, but I can't complain at the price I paid during a half-off sale.

    Outerwear and blazers are a problem for me though. I'm a 36S, and they consider small 37-39. It makes their stuff far too big. I find it odd that the shirts fit me well, but not the jackets.