Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Recommendations: Hoof Pick Belt

[Pictured: Leather Man Ltd. hoof pick belt courtesy of Hickoree's Hard Goods.]

A good gift is often something nice that someone would not buy for themselves.  A new belt fits into this description perfectly as many guys tend to overlook the importance of having nice "accessories".  When shopping around or building your own wishlist consider upgrading to a hoof pick belt, which happens to be a fantastic option for all your casual pants.  Just because you are not at work does not mean your belt has to be a faux leather, cracking piece of crap.  This belt is often full-grain leather, complete with brass hardware and has a great sense of understated showmanship (if there ever were such a thing).  Unlike a belt that you probably own, this belt has a unique pick closure system that adds an element of ruggedness to this standard accessory and any outfit.  Check out selections from both Orvis and J.L. Powell for two solid, made in the U.S.A. hoof pick belts.



  1. Some additional hook style belts including the one I went with.

  2. Thanks Don. Your belt is pretty boss. Good looks my friend.

  3. Great belt suggestion, for even less $$:

  4. It is a great belt - my wife gave me the Orvis version a few years ago. It's holding up my Duck Heads right now...

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