Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hands On: Steven Alan Reverse Seam Shirts

[Pictured: Steven Alan reverse seam shirt available here.  Notice the twisting effect of the front shirt placket when buttoned up to the second button.]

Calling cards: villains have them as do lame dudes at the bar with no "game".  While I'm pretty sure Steven Alan is neither of these things he has one as well.  The reverse seam shirt is what Steven Alan may best be known for and for good reason.  It's not everyday that someone can take a piece of clothing as old as the sport shirt and do something completely original.

While you may have seen (or may not have have realized you've seen) pictures of the reverse seam shirt online or on Justin Long in an Apple commercial, it really takes an in person view to appreciate Steven Alan's genius.  As you can see in the above picture the reverse seam adds an extremely interesting twisting/bunching of the shirt placket when buttoned up to the second or first button.  While this may seem silly, it gives subtle character to the oft standard sport shirt.  This is a detail that will most likely get over looked in passing, as does most sprezzatura, but really empowers the wearer.  Like lots of details present in our favorite clothing, it's these little ones that make certain garments our favorites in the first place.  The reverse seam shirt is no exception.  Aside from the reverse seam on the front placket, the seams on the side of the shirt are reversed as well.  What Mr. Alan has done here is flip a finished seam inside out so that the sewn edges of the shirt fabric are facing outward (as seen below).  This is another detail in place for the owner and any keen sartorial observers who may notice.

You're never going to catch me paying exorbitant prices for any garment unless it is special.  The Steven Alan reverse seam shirt is special.  Made in the U.S.A with one of the best fits of any shirt I have ever owned, these sport shirts are easily going to become staples in my wardrobe.

[The exposed side of the seam on the outside of the shirt is reversed as well.  What is normally hidden on the inside is now on full display.]


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