Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Recommendations: Save Khaki Knit Cardigan

Since the general consensus is that (keyword: most) holiday gift guides are not only corny, but a way for bloggers to subvert actual content I'll refrain from doing something completely structured.  For the next few weeks I'll instead be sporadically posting various items (both sartorial and otherwise) I believe make great holiday gifts for both you and yours with the simple goal of highlighting attainable gift options.

First up is a shawl collar cardigan which is a must own and I won't retread ground broken by every single blogger (including myself) who has already talked about its merits.  My favorite option is from Save Khaki, one of the best no nonsense brands out.  Their knit cardigan, available at Barneys for $195, is a great snag for any guy including your dad.   What we have hear is a simple, well-proportioned winner.  It's got the details (ribbed, merino wool, front pockets) and a decent price point.  I'd personally grab it in navy and wear the hell out of it this winter and winters to come.  This is the only knit you need purchase this season.

p.s. Thanks to Dave @ Save Khaki for the picture.



  1. Great sweater. I'd been on the perpetual hunt for a shawl collar cardigan so I feel like my opinion on them is pretty well rounded at this point...although I finally just settled on a $39 cheapo from H&M (gasp) that I stumbled on. It's actually a pretty decent sweater and gets the point across. I'm sure it'll unravel sooner than later, but hey, you get what you pay for. Anyhow, agreed...the Save Khaki offering is well proportioned with the right details.

  2. I'm still not sure I'm going to jump into the shawl collar trend....yet....but this one looks great. All about the details. Any idea where it is being made? I'm looking for one made in the US....hence, not owning one yet.

    Oh....and RE: the gift least you didn't say you were going to do one (publicly), then turn and run when someone suggests that gift guides are passe'. Zing!

  3. Joe- I'm pretty sure Save Khaki prides itself by producing their stuff in the USA. I'll ask Dave over twitter to get a definite.

    And as per your RE: The Gift Guide, I continuously strive to do what I set out to do.

  4. What consensus says gift guides are "corny" and a way to 'subvert' actual content?

    A good gift guide can be helpful and should be reflective of the taste and aesthetic of the blog being great content example: Hollister Hovey.

  5. Daryl- Guys like me and you are not the problem and who can deny the fickleness of the blogosphere lately? I'm actually looking quite forward to your own gift guide.

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