Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Great Recession...Rags

My professional and personal cohort KJ tipped me off to these guys, so first let me give credit where credit is due.  Inside New York's garment district and in the warehouses of Brooklyn there exists "decades of unused fabrics".  Recession Rags has taken it upon themselves to use these once untouched fabrics instead of contriubting to more cloth production.  Making all their products in New York, Recession Rags is a brand looking both forwards and backwards, with a name and vision "relevant to the current global economic situation" and rooted in a time period of our nation's history when "American citizens were encouraged to send excess fabric from their own clothing to aid in making blankets for our military."  Recession Rags is committed to carrying on the spirit of “sew for victory” and giving back to "local organizations that help to alleviate the problem of hunger that plagues many of the less fortunate around us."

Head over to their online store where Recession Rags is currently selling pants, shorts, t-shirts, scarfs and suspenders that looks pretty good.  The idea of using unwanted or unused fabrics intriuges me and you can browse the various options on the site.  The pants are offered in both straight (19 in. leg) and slim (17 in. leg) cuts and the shorts look perfect, not to mention his may be the only place you are ever going to find a seersucker scarf.  If you are a fabric nerd or just want to support a made in the USA company with a great vision, check out Recession Rags and salvage some scrap.


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  1. The shorts are cool, I wonder how good they can look on a blue or green color.