Thursday, December 17, 2009

Attn: Common Projects On Sale @ Barneys

Hats off to the gents over at Prepidemic Magazine for giving me the heads up on one of those rare legit sale items.  I wont bother wasting your time going into how Common Projects are the Cadiallac of sneakers (my brother, the car snob, calls that an outdated reference) or how white sneakers are the only S/S footwear you need.  If you have the money laying around get these before they sell out.  You don't normally any Common Projects on sale (or even on eBay) for anything less than a vital organ so this is a golden opportunity to snatch a pair.  Head over to Barneys to grab the Achilles discounted from $400 to $166.83.


[Editor's Note: Damn, those went fast.  As of writing this addendum only sz. 9 is currently in stock.]

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