Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fit For The [Holidays] IV: Presented by S.I. x D.P.

After a hiatus in which Dan's computer tried to destroy the human race ala Skynet from Terminator, S.I. x D.P. is back and we're drunk on eggnog and vengeance.  Holiday parties are often the well dressed man's chance to get a little ridiculous with this outfit.  With tongue firmly planted in cheek he can throw on some of those items reserved for the small sartorial window that is December 18th - 31st.  There is a strong chance that you hate this outfit and that's alright.  It never hurts to have a little bit of fun at someone else's expense, sartorial or otherwise.  So, spike the eggnog, cheat at secret Santa, even eat the milk and cookies, just please don't be that guy with mistletoe hanging off the front of his belt.

For those who are new to all this let Dan explain, "Lawrence and I bounce back an item of clothing to each other over the course of the week until we have a complete outfit. Each person's descriptions are below."

[Note: Items presented in the order in which they were compiled]

Gucci Loafers...$495.00

Dan: The classic Gucci loafer you see most Wall Street Brosephs rocking has an enormous heel that looks like the risers Tom Cruise probably wears.  Not Cool.  Instead, try these loafers with a slimmer heel that befits the whole nonchalance attitude personified by the Gucci loaf.  The blue is a subtle twist to the red you usually see as well.

Bonobos Legnogs...$195.00

Me: If you want to be the good kind of obnoxious (the bad kind begins with an Ed and ends with a Hardy) you need a pair of pants like these.  Even if you only wear your "holiday pants" once a year you need to come with something respectable. Pendleton wool is as respectable as it gets and Bonobos brings the goods.

Tucker Blair Frosty Needlepoint Belt...$80.00

Dan: Sometimes awesomeness does not need explanation.  This is one of those times.  Tucker's price for needlepoint belts is excellent too.

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Round Collar Shirt...$112.50

Me: With every other part of your holiday ensemble getting awesomely out of hand, use this classic club collar shirt as a muted base.  Just remember that even those batshit Picassos started on a blank canvas.

Hermes Silk Tie...$170.00

Dan: If you are some BSD Managing Director of a bank I guess you could buy and wear any tie you want.  Us mortals still toiling away in the salt miles of cubeville (Equities in Dallas!) can only reach for luxury once in awhile.  When you do, go Hermes.  Beautifully classic and tasteful, and not nearly as nouveau as those ties Ferragamo slings.  Now get back to making your pitchbook.

-L.A.S x Dan


  1. Clinton-

  2. We've still got a few of the Legnogs in stock....haha. They're actually even better in person.

  3. I like this,good work guys.

  4. Some good stuff selected here but that belt is just gross :)