Monday, January 31, 2011

First Look: Ovadia & Sons F/W 2011

After all the Tumblr previews and all the hype, I am proud to present to you guys the F/W 2011 collection from my friends the Ovadia brothers.  These guys have a big year ahead and I absolutely cannot wait for the menswear domination that is surely going to ensue.  Enjoy.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Walk-Over Revisited

I talked about Walk-Over's relaunch back in August, but a new website and a closer look at their newly available "Men's Classics" and S/S 2011 collection warranted a revisit.  I'm still trying to get some solid information on Mark McNairy's role in all of this and also figure out who in the USA is making these.  For now, enjoy some good looking shoes.


T Magazine Shoots (capsule) NY F/W 2011

The New York Times was in the house at the most recent (capsule) Men's Show in NY to pull their favorite brands for a photoshoot styled by Jason Rider and shot by Taea Thale.  There are a bunch of great brands represented here and while you have already seen a ton of (capsule) coverage all over the blogosphere I doubt anything is this slick.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gant Rugger S/S 2011

Sart Inc favorite Gant Rugger has just released their newest moving picture and it's as awesome as ever. You can bet your ass that the gangs of New Haven will style on you.  Chris, you killed it, bud.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brooks Brothers Spread Collar Polo

Oh hell yes.  This is the kind of polo I've been after for a long time - long sleeve, button cuff and a spread collar.  It's a top notch layering piece (think how Bastian styles his rugby shirts) and a much dressier option compared to your average polo shirt.  And, guess what?  This shit is on sale to boot.  If you want something a little different from the standard popover style you can also grab a full placket version, which is kinda just a cotton shirt for the most part.  I'm hitting the BB flagship here in NYC after work to check these out in person.  Assuming the fit on these is legit, comments on the site point to a trimmed up fit, this is a deal that is too good to pass up.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Sartoria Partenopea And The Year Ahead

I didn't really plan on getting too deep into my various sartorial resolutions for the year ahead on Sart Inc, but plans often change unexpectedly.  And when you come across something so in line with what you're trying to do, well, said plans change ever quicker than normal.  So, what am I trying to do in 2011?  It's time for my sportswear to "get grown", in a nutshell.  I will be talking about this at considerable length via a separate avenue soon, but let me quickly break things down.  It seems that the culmination of what I have been trying to do with my wardrobe and personal style for the past year or so is coming to a head in 2011.  I'm not talking about suiting up everyday of the week, but I am talking about stepping up my casual outfits with more "formal" elements  - more jackets, more ties, trousers, generally nicer shirts and more layering.  My goal is to present an image and cultivate a personal look that has practically been abandoned here in The States, but is still thriving in Europe amongst the style set.  Why this?  For starters, my personal taste has been headed in that direction for quite a while and I believe it is time to commit to the best of my ability.  Not to mention, those whose style I admire the most do this effortlessly and I feel like taking a sincere crack at it.  So, for me, 2011 is all about grown man sportswear - keeping things short of wearing a suit on the regular, but still put together at the same time.  If that previous statement makes absolutely no sense to you I totally understand, which is why I have provided some handy examples courtesy of Edwin (who happens to be running my favorite Tumblr right now).  Sartoria Partenopea has my ideal aesthetic down pat.  While some of these outfits are incredibly loud (something I tend to avoid for the most part) they still illustrate the idea of elevated sportswear done very, very well.  The kits below are far from formal, yet present a very solid, mature image.  Join me or scoff at me.  It's all good.  Just try to be better in 2011.  That's the message.  For more information on Sartoria Partenopea Jeremy has you covered, obviously.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Attn: Ovadia & Sons Online Store Launches

You can now get your hands on some gear from what is easily one of my favorite new brands - Ovadia & Sons have officially launched their online store.  S/S 2011 sportswear is being stocked as we speak and I have been informed that tailored pieces are on their way.  Kit yourself out.


Woolrich John Rich & Bros. F/W 2011

Woolrich John Rich & Bros. will always be a favorite of mine thanks to how the brand's aesthetic lines up so well with my own.  It's a very Italian take on Americana and this should come as no surprise considering who owns the brand.  I've talked at length about my love of fusing Italian and Anglo sensibilities so lets get onto the collection.  The Woolrich John Rich & Bros. F/W 2011 collection is a little underwhelming to be honest.  You never expect retail heavy lines like this to stray too far outside of the box, but you also don't expect complete retreads.  Anyhow, what I do appreciate from these shots (besides the extremely solid parkas) is that they show you how to wear hiking boots in a way we haven't really seen as of late.  The hiking boot explosion seems tied to all of those peacocks who frequent Pitti Uomo and Milan Fashion Week this time of year.  I actually think the whole trouser/tailored clothing with hiking boots look is pretty cool assuming you can pull it off, but, for the rest of us who can't, Woolrich John Rich & Bros. is here to illustrate how you can easily switch out your Bean boots or Red Wings for this style of boot.  Stay rugged, Ponyboy.