Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Recommendations: Minnetonka Driving Moccasins

[Pictured: Minnetonka driving moccasins available for $44.95.]

I don't normally go for "driving shoes", but when Mr. Davis posted on these a while back I was pretty surprised how much I actually liked them.  I've been thinking about posting on these for a while and with holiday shopping happening as we speak I figured I'd do a quick write up.

Moccasins are one of the many items that are benefiting from the current resurgence of rugged, outdoorsy gear, but most bloggers are only talking about blucher or camp versions.  While the Minnetonka driver does fall into this broad category, its distinctive details set it apart.  The ruff cowhide finish and driving soles make this unique casual moc a great option for weekend errands and such.  The Minnetonka website calls these the "the style that started it all" and whether you're looking to add to your current collection or get your first pair of moccasins I can't think of a better shoe.  The price point is as competitive as any moc on the market and an alternative to anything else being offered by L.L. Bean, Eastland or Quoddy.  What we have here is an inexpensive, year round moccasin that works just as well with denim now as it will sockless with some bermuda shorts once things warm up.  If you didn't already, now you know and knowing is half the battle.



  1. I really like these, great to throw on to take the dog out in the morning, or to wear to the grocery store. I'd even wear 'em to class.

  2. Manifold- You could even rock these as slippers. Crazy versatility.

  3. A couple notes on these after a month of wear:
    - Don't be too aggressive on the ball of the foot, as it's the first place to wear out.
    - Be prepped to wash your feet or socks, as the dye will rub onto your foot when you wear them.
    - They're super-comfortable, but the stitching at the side of the tongue of my moc has puckered into my foot and now rubs a bit.

    Otherwise, I love these shoes, just thought I'd share my complaints. You can't beat $50 for these.

  4. They look straight hot. I'd be rocking those and my flannel pajamas if I had either.

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