Friday, December 11, 2009

Wake Up Call: 3sixteen

I'll admit it.  I've been sleeping on NYC based brand 3sixteen.  I've casually checked out their lookbooks before, but never really sat down and went through their stuff properly.  Luckily for me, one of my new favorite bloggers, Mr. Shimon Sasaki is currently stationed with the brand and has forced a much needed wake up call.  One quick breeze through the online store and you'll see why these guys are a brand to watch.  From the immaculate denim (both selvedge and nonselvedge) to the utility shirts with asymmetrical flap pockets these goods are the definition of lust worthy.  With everyone forming their holiday wishlists I can't think of a better time to wise up to some of the best apparel in the marketplace.  I could literally highlight every single piece from these guys (check out the entire 3sixteen fit below), it's that good.  Take a gander at the store or one of their stockists so you don't end up looking as foolish as me.



  1. That shoe at the bottom could have been just the thing for my summer lineup were it available in my size or within my budget. A very nice shoe though. It seems that for summer I have the hardest time finding satisfactory summer casual footwear. These really are awesome. Too bad.

  2. Nice...I've been on them for a while. I met the guys that run it a couple years ago at the Capsule Tradeshow in NYC. They've really grown from when they first started out.