Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Recommendation: Fjällräven Kanken Mini

[Pictured: Fjällräven Kanken Mini availabe at Context Clothing for $60.00.]

This recommendation is very much in the same vein as my earlier Minnetonka driving moc one as in backpacks are not something I normally endorse.  I mean, they're fine and all, but I don't usually go out of my way to talk about them.  The whole streetwear backpack lovefest is kind of played out in my mind and seeing all these rappers hit the stage slinging empty backpacks is straight tomfoolery.  Yet, not every guy out there is ready hop on the tote or duffle bandwagon...hell, I'm even still skeptical about using a bag like that for everyday errands (because I carry SO much stuff with me in the first place).  So what can you get a guy/ask for yourself that's useful and accessible?

The basics: Fjällräven, which is swedish for "artic fox" (wowsers, sold already right?), has been making no frills backpacks since 1950.  This little guy is perfect for quick jaunts and does away with all the ridiculous straps you're likely to see on your neighborhood JanSport turtleshell.  The color options available at Context are pretty awesome and I'd personally go with the mustard (seen above) or the colorful options seen below, which are great alternatives to the "natural" colored bags on all the blogs.  The canvas bags being shoved down your throught everyday are great and all, but there's nothing wrong with a basic, standard napsack.  Be sure to check out all the other great options available from these guys as well.



  1. I like the top handle. The colors are a little too granola for me though. One in tweed would be excellent.

    When the funds are available, and before law school, I wanna get a nice carryall of some sort. Right now I'm still stuck with an LV knockoff that a friend sent from Asia. It's lame but sadly it's all I've got.

  2. C'mon're better than a LV knockoff...

  3. I dont like the straps on the back, but the mini would be a damn nice dslr bag!

  4. I have the normal Kanken and it's pretty mini already, "graphite" does not disappoint.

  5. I know man, it's sad.

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