Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Indy Shoe

[Pictured: Alden x Leather Soul Indy Shoe available for $350.00.]

Alden's Indy Boots have been one of a few select boots that everyone in the blogosphere seems to love.  Along with Red Wing's Lifestyle Collection and Wolverine's 1000 Mile boots, Alden's Indy boots (nicknamed such having been worn by Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones film series) have been many a stylish guys footwear of choice this past year. 

Boot models being convereted into shoes is nothing new and is something the Japanese have been doing for a while with many of their own heritage favorites (i.e. Red Wing Oxfords), but this is one of the first examples I have seen primarily featured in the domestic marketplace.  My personal feelings on the Indy shoe are mixed.  Granted, it's a much more office friendly version of a time-honored favorite, but what I always loved about the Indy was its refinement as a boot.  By converting it into an oxford, all of it's rugged yet refined charm seems lost.  The Red Wing oxford was successful because it truly was a low-top boot, while this Indy shoe seems to find itself squarely in the shoe category.  My two cents...deposited.



  1. I think they're great. They're the only option for the comfort of the Tru-Balance last in a shoe.

    They look like a great everyday / walking shoe.

    Andrew Lee

  2. Not as bad as I originally thought. However, what has always bugged me about the Indy boot and does bug me about this is the way the moc toe is stitched so high and so flat. I guess it makes it cleaner, but to me it makes it seem superfluous.

  3. I just wish that the stitching around the toe was either pushed forward a bit more or could possibly be a bit more rounded. ohter than that i like them, they have a kind of minimalist look.

  4. Well, here goes nothing. I personally have always liked the boot to shoes conversion. It gives an alternative to be rugged without looking out of place wearing a boot in the city. This pair specifically gives a very officer boot feel (which would look better in tonal stitching) but classy at the same time. I dig it.

  5. Alden's Indy Boots are awesome because they're so resistant, in my particular case I see those shoes ugly, but the quality is great, actually I have a pair of those shoes and they seems never being destroyed, next month I'm totally sure I'll buy five pairs of those indestructible shoes also I'll buy a pair for my father because he loves them.

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