Monday, February 8, 2010

S/S Footwear Primer: Low

Starting tonight and concluding tomorrow I will be presenting (ego check) my S/S footwear primer for anyone out there who is looking for a little advice on what knockabouts to purchase for the upcoming season.  My plan is to start with a guide detailing my "low" picks for those not trying to drop a lot of coin and finish up with all the ritzy stuff.  Ultimately this blog reaches a wide range of people and I just want to make sure everyone is covered.  I realize some of you have already seen a lot of this stuff so read on accordingly.  Also, lots of these shoes (probably all of them actually) have gotten some face time on Sart Inc in the past, but I thought it would be helpful to bring them all together in one convenient location. Oh yeah, I don't do sandals in case you were wondering why I didn't offer them a seat at the cool kids table.  Throw away all your socks and enjoy.  Without further ado I present to you Sartorially Inclined's S/S Footwear Primer: Low...

The Sneaker: 
Vans Authentic...$42.00

I know what you're thinking and the answer is: No, you're not too old to wear Vans.  Warm weather sneakers should be one part canvas, one part classic and no one fits the bill better than Vans.  The Authentic is the epitome of iconic and understated.  You can get them in a variety of colors though I am going to recommend you take the natural route.  Don't worry if you don't skate as the Authentic is a lifestyle shoe first and foremost.  If you like to relax and drink outdoors on the weekend you're all good.

The Boat Shoe:
Sperry Authentic Original...$75.00


Why you would buy your boat shoes from anyone else is beyond me.  Everything I've ever needed to say about the Authentic Original (especially in the above colorway) I've already said.

The Buck:
Bass Brockton...$64.00


Go with white and don't be afraid to get them messy.  And when they get scuffed as all hell you'll be real happy that you spent under seventy bones.  The Bass Brockton has a great toe box and sole, but be aware that these ship out in May.

The Moccassin:
L.L. Bean Blucher...$69.00 


When I first started writing this blog (my fourth day in the blogosphere to be exact) I tried to bring these "back". Turns out they weren't only back, but they were the absolute shit. Nobody told me.  I'll never make the same mistake again.

The Loafer:
Sebago Classic...$130.00

You know you want to look like you just stepped out of "Take Ivy" and there is no better starting point than a great loafer.  Everyone's jocking Bass these days so why not grab Sebago's classic beef roll penny?  A bunch of colors (even the elusive navy), and the option for either a finished or unfinished sole seal the deal.

The Saddle:
Bass Burlington...$89.00


Whether you want a serious two tone or to keep it in the same color family, Bass has you covered.  And, like any great S/S shoe, they all come complete with a red brick sole.  Count it now and when they ship out in March (someone at Bass needs to get a handle on seasonal demand).

The Boot:
L.L. Bean Boot Rubber Moc...$59.00 

I realize these aren't "boots" in the traditional sense, but it does rain in spring and you need to be prepared.  Do I really need to explain this pick? Yeah, didn't think so.



  1. Not sure why Crocs aren't on the list. Best shoe for picking up chicks ever. *bro-rage*

  2. great selection, I own pretty much some form of every shoe on this list. Just picked up a fresh pair of those exact Van's for the warmer months ahead, now if it would just stop raining and warm up.

  3. Hey Lawrence,
    How are your Eastland Falmouths holding up? I'm really considering getting a pair for s/s.

  4. David- Eastlands are holding up great and are breaking in even better. Wish I didn't have so many goddamn shoes so I could wear them more.

  5. Also, the Bass Buckingham in white is a pretty solid buck.

  6. Things- Not a fan of the Buckingham due to the angle at which the heel meets the sole.

    Trip- Thanks dude.

  7. I'd switch out the vans for jack purcell's but otherwise it's spot on. Especially the sebago in navy. Very ADG.