Monday, February 22, 2010

Buckle Up

If you thought Martin + Osa was playing around, think again.  Doug, the VP of men's design, recently commented on New Dandyism stating how M+O was steadily moving away from the "mall" labeling they are commonly associated with thanks to the simple fact that they are owned by American Eagle.  Everything I've seen from these guys lately has been extremely impressive to the point that if I was a higher up at J. Crew I might be getting a little nervous.  With a tad more exposure and the right marketing we just may have a power shift in our midst.

The new arrivals are rolling out monthly at Martin + Osa's online shop and they just started offering both a pair of selvedge denim (washed, 12.5 oz) and chinos featuring a back buckle or cinch.  As far as I am concerned that is a pretty serious detail especially from such a mainstream brand.  I'm not the biggest fan of the back buckle myself, but I know a lot of archival and workwear geeks love that kind of stuff.  While the pants are still of the unfortunate pre-destroyed nature, they look quite good and are decent bargains when you consider all the details (I have also heard pretty good things about their fit).  My own personal sentiments aside, I think it's admirable that Martin + Osa is taking a big step forward with their designs.  I could really care less about the name on the label as long as the garments are slick - at the end of the day garments should speak for themselves anyhow.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't eagerly awaiting all the cool and affordable stuff Martin + Osa seemingly have lined up for the nice weather ahead.



  1. I was in that same M+O store that New Dandyism hit last week. They had some nice stuff, but what I saw was a bit more nautical themed. It felt more East Coast rather than the West Coast that Doug said was their inspiration. I have been waiting for M+O to find themselves stylistically, as I have been impressed with their fit and quality of the few pieces I own. And I love the interiors of their stores.

    It definitely pays to sign up for their mailing list, as I get discount codes emailed all the time.

  2. Unitedstyle- I got the same nautical vibe as you with the spring gear. My thoughts from a little while back:

    The anorak ND posted on is fantastic.

  3. Dear M+0,
    If we wanted holes in our chinos, we'd put it there ourselves.

  4. I've been buying M+O clothing for several years now and have found it more than a match for J.Crew and similar staple brands. In particular the "super slim" jeans are a great fit (I really wish they'd make more washes!).

    I was a bit disappointed with their spring collection but if it's a sign they are moving away from American Eagle (and "distressed" clothing, yuck) towards high quality, simple Americana then you can count me in.

    This is a nice post, M+O is definitely a brand to keep an eye on. I think they're unfairly overlooked simply because of their affiliation with AE.

  5. I'm fortunate to have two M+O B&M's near me (Boston suburbs) and I've been buying from them and from the web site for about two years now. I've bought mostly button-front shirts, but I also have jeans, knits, shorts, and cashmere sweaters.

    (I should mention that I'm in my mid-40s and not as thin as some of you APC-wearing guys, but I like how their clothes fit: slim, but not ridiculously so.)

    I've been very satisfied with their stuff and always look forward to each new season's arrivals. I'm definitely getting one of those orange anoraks for spring.