Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More "War Stripes"...

...because your clothes are your day to day armor anyway, right?

Momotaro denim is available here, here and here. I'm seriously debating painting my APC's as we speak because this is pretty badass.



  1. Handled some of these at Blue in Green over the weekend. Great jeans, but it's too easy to get a denim-coma in that botique.

  2. David- Good call. Updated accordingly.

  3. Yea Momos look pretty nice.

    Too slim for me to ever wear though.

  4. Really dig Momotaro. I love the fact that they've got the in-store hand loom that they make (ridiculously expensive) jeans from. Not digging these "war stripes" though. Not on the jeans or the chambray shirt. Maybe I'll come around...