Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spoon Fed


I used to rock with Hawaiin shirts back in college as they were often my day party garb of choice.  Now as much as I love a great Hawaiian shirt pick up from Goodwill if I was going to wear one today, and I most definitely plan on it, I'd probably want to "get grown" with one of Reyn Spooner's offerings.  You might have read about the brand recently or saw them at Capsule (word on the street is that they shut it down) because these designed and manufactured in Hawaii shirts are the real deal with island appeal.  They offer "Hawaiian traditionals since 1956" from their impressive archives complete with updated cuts.   The revamped S/S 2010 collection features everything from popovers to reversibles and is more "prep than T-shirt toting tourist."  All Jimmy Buffet and "Kokomo" jokes aside, I guess it's about time for you all to lay into me for this one...



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  1. Alright, typically Hawaiian shirts fall in line with kilts for me, meaning "they look fine in-country, but look ridiculous outside." But these look pretty nice, especially in a slimmer cut.