Monday, February 8, 2010

New Haven By Way Of Paris

French brand Maison Kitsune's F/W 2010 is dubbed the "Ivy League" collection and it is another statistic in the growing category of foreign brands not only utilizing classic Americana influences, but also beating us at our own game.  For the best examples of this one-upmanship one needn't look any further than Japan.

You could argue that this collection from Kitsune isn't 100% prep and I would probably agree.  There is an obvious European influence at work, but that is to be expected from a French brand.  See, that's the best part.  The "Ivy League" collection isn't just a blatant ripoff (whether it is capitalizing on a trend is a different story) as it expands and furthers a stylistic ideal.  Flood level inseams, button down collars and all the other ivy trademarks are accounted for, while still finding room to incorporate more European elements, such as mod and military.  As critics it is important to evaluate the entire picture, or in this case collection, before lambasting anyone for stealing our domestic sartorial treasures.  Is it really criminal if the money you steal goes to a good cause? You tell me.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention how amazing this all looks.




  1. switch these boots out w/some nice loafers and we got near perfection on these looks

  2. The red toggle coat and red socks make the look book. I'm seeing the European influence in the boots and socked feet, it's mixed very well with Take Ivy.

  3. I saw this on Hypebeast last week - DOPE.

  4. i love,
    i posted this a while ago, i still get chills when i look @ it =]

  5. That red duffle coat really steals the show, especially with a double breasted plaid waistcoat. Interesting use of the little fox logo (kitsune is fox in Japanese), seems like their trying to do the Japanese trad to match polo and lacoste.

  6. +1 on the red socks. Gotta get some bright socks soon.

    To be honest, I noticed the blackwatch db vest (I think) under the red toggle before I noticed the red toggle.