Friday, February 19, 2010

Categorizing Esquire's Best Dressed Men of All Time


You may or may not have already peeped Esquire's "The 75 Best Dressed Men of All Time" list.  It's pretty damn comprehensive and much too deep for me to actually break down in full, but I thought I'd have a little fun categorizing, in descending order, all the good, bad and head scratching picks.  If anyone needs clarification or just wants to tell me how ignorant I am hit the comments please.

The Holy Trinity:
Steve McQueen
Paul Newman
Robert Redford

We Should Expand The Holy Trinity:
Jack Kerouac
Arnold Palmer
Paul Simonon
Michael Caine
Miles Davis
James Dean

The Best To Ever Do It:
Gianni Agnelli
The Rat Pack
Marlon Brando
Cary Grant
Sean Connery
Humphrey Bogart
Clint Eastwood
John F. Kennedy
Jackson Pollock
Yves Saint Laurent
Duke of Windsor

Al Capone
Bob Dylan
Mark Twain
Tom Wolfe
Muhammad Ali
Woody Allen
Mick Jagger
Serge Gainsbourg
Albert Einstein 
Warren Beatty
Peter BeardBrian Ferry
The Beatles
David Bowie
Keith Richards
Jean-Paul Belmondo
Jimi Hendrix
Peter Sellers 
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Bjorn Borg
Hugh Hefner
Andre Benjamin
John F. Kennedy Jr.
Malcolm X
Marcello Mastroianni
Duke Ellington
William Faulkner
Lou Reed
Joe Namath
Fred Astaire
Renee Lacoste
George Clooney
Alain Delon

Clever Editors:
Richie Tenenbaum
Benjamin Braddock

I Should Have Paid Attention In History Class:
Beau Brummell 
Le Corbusier
Tommy Nutter 
Richard Avedon
Malcolm McLaren

We Want To Appear Current:
Johnny Depp
George Clooney
Tom Brady

Tying Too Hard (to fill the list out):
The Caveman
James Bond
Michael Corleone
Indiana Jones
The Marlboro Man
Julian Kaye

Gordon Gekko
George H.W. Bush
John Calvin
Jude Law

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  1. Gordon Gekko should be in just for his 'tude, not for his suspenders, 3 foot wide ties, and balloon pants. George HW Bush didn't seem to dress any different than his kid despite Esquire's claims... I'm kind of confused. Jude Law probably has someone dress him, and he still looks like a boner. I thought Marlboros gave you cancer, not good style. Alain Delon... who's that?

  2. Re: Alain Delon

    He is a very accomplished French actor. Watch Le Samurai immediately to get started. You'll understand then.

  3. That's a damn white and conservative list considering how many black and asian men have helped define style over the last 40 years.

  4. Andrew, I don't see why you have to bring something as trivial as melanin density into this. Style is a representation of opinion and character. That being said, there are many parts of the world represented on that list.

    Good work LAS, I'm definitely in agreement here.

  5. i concur, good sum up! although i wish basquiat was in it, and why not a section of women who pulled off menswear better than most of their counterparts...

  6. Any list without William Powell or Caesar Romero is inadequate.