Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Ivy Crewneck


[Pictured: Scan from 2nd Magazine via Ivy Style.]

Ivy Style just put up a piece that highlights 2nd's (a Japanese style magazine) feature on how to pull off certain looks from such iconic works as "Take Ivy".  The magazine does a wonderful job at breaking down a bunch of shots and offering various pieces to help you replicate the highlighted outfits.  The Brown University sweatshirt featured above retails for about $150, which isn't too bad until you factor in the ridiculousness it would probably take to procure such an obscure item (especially if you live in the US and especially if you didn't go to Brown).  I highly recommend checking out the Ivy Style piece for some classic inspiration and if you're really jonesin' to buy a crewneck from a college you didn't actually attend there are a few easier ways out there.


[Editor's Note: There is also some pretty neat new "vintage" stuff available.]


  1. Why would you want to wear a Brown sweatshirt if you didn't go there...or any college you didn't attend for that matter? $150 is outrageous. If you really want one you can buy it online from Brown for $35 -

  2. JAB- I'm confused if you are agreeing with me or if you missed the point.

  3. have you seen the tshirt "This shirt cost my parents $150,000. -Harvard University"

    must be others, but spot on.

  4. James- You don't see the tshirt "This shirt cost me $150,000 in student loans and the next couple decades of my life" as often as you would expect.

  5. WHile I wouldn't buy anything other than my own Alma mater, I wouldn't have a problem wearing a parent or grandparents old relic.

    That being said, the crew neck is far superior to the hooded sweatshirt.

  6. And if you live in the UK I heartily suggest Inkwell & Ivy in Guildford, Surrey. The Glee Club sweatshirt alone is worth the site visit. No relation other than a fan.